Do you suffer multiple food sensitivities; LOW ENERGY; chronic fatigue, post viral syndrome, inflammatory issues, digestive complains, constipation, diarrhoea, one or multiple chronic health conditions or eczema/psoriasis/ skin sensitivities? Do you know that the causes can all be from the ONE thing and that there could be something you CAN do to IMPROVE your situation? …if you decide to listen to your body and make some healthful changes!

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How would you know if you need a detox? What might your liver be telling you?

Hi I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath at BlossomingMe and if you’ve ever wondered what your liver and your body might actually be telling you, watch on.

When talking about building Optimal Health from the foundations up, we previously discussed the importance of nutrients getting into the cell as the first step, and waste removal as being the second part of the equation.

When we discussed circulation, we looked at ways that nutrients might not easily get into the cells. Things like: blood pressure issues; anaemia; and kinks in the pipes that might reduce the blood getting to all required locations. When we discussed lymphatics, we talked about how the lymphatics support the circulatory system in mopping up and removing waste and toxins. So this leads us then, to the discussion about what happens to all waste toxins and debris once they’re collected.

Well the body must process these various particles and molecules, including negatively charged free radicals, all of which can cause damage to cells; organelles like mitochondria; and the DNA. The body must inactivate them so that they can no longer cause harm. By either binding them, engulfing them, or partially breaking them down. And that allows them to be filtered and then finally removed. So as we’ve already discussed, the immune system is an active process essentially within these systems, and it involves neutralising and inactivating both living and non-living threats. And then the circulation and the lymphatics are essential in the transport and removal of all of these particles from the body. The liver then, is the next step. It is vital in the detailed processing systems to remove all toxins, bind them for safe removal ,and transfer them either to the kidneys for water-soluble if they are water soluble or to the bowels if they are not.

The kidneys is the final filtration before all unwanted water-soluble particulate and some extra water, are moved through to the bladder for holding and then for excretion. Non-water-soluble particles are sent to the intestines via two pathways. Directly from the digestive system; and then from the liver, via bile. Here it’s then combined with other digestive waste and compiled into faeces and removed. The liver further supports circulation and the lymphatics by the production of certain proteins. These will modulate blood volume; and blood pressure; and kidney function. Some of these proteins if not, um, balanced, then can lead to fluid retention and things like leg swelling; or incorrect clotting; or anaemia from low ferritin which is the blood, sorry… which is the iron binding protein found in blood. The liver is also essential in carbohydrate protein and fat metabolism; in cholesterol creation and removal; in bile production, which assists with fat digestion; and absorption; and in that removal of, by binding, toxins. And removing them to the bowels as I just mentioned. The liver also is essential for hormone production and balance; plus, it is also responsible for the breakdown of medications, poisons, alcohol, cellular waste, and old cells. Finally the liver is instrumental in detecting pathogens and mutated cells and initialising the immune response.

So when your liver isn’t functioning as well as it could be, there are a myriad of ways that it could present. if you suffer from multiple food intolerances or sensitivities your liver might be overloaded.

if you suffer from difficulties in balancing your blood pressure, it may in fact be that your liver is part of the problem.

if you have swelling or sub-optimal circulation your liver also could be overloaded.

if you have detoxification processes that are slow your liver definitely is involved.

if you suffer from mould exposure; chronic fatigue; Lime-like disease, your liver will definitely be impacted and supporting it could be of assistance.

if you suffer from hormone imbalances and period dysfunction, your liver could also be a component in that.

So if you’re ready to make a positive change in your health and your energy in just 14 days, click the link that I’ll have below and check out my 14-day ENERGY BOOSTING DETOX. it will be starting tomorrow.

I hope you found this useful and please remember to comment, like, and share!

Till next time, bye for now.


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