Sarah Gowans

Sarah Gowans

Senior Masseur

Through Sarah’s 15 years experience of working with the human body, she sees many links between our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and our physical body. Her goal is to assist you in releasing tensions or blocks in all these areas, to reach your optimal health, in both body and mind. Working in one of these areas will often have positive flow on effect in the other.

One of Sarah’s favourite metaphors, is that she is the navigator and you, the client, are the Captain. It is your ship, you are always in charge and her role is to help you safely reach new horizons, place that you have not yet been to: your goals for your health and your life.

Sarah is committed to providing a nurturing, safe environment where trust and respect are fostered and a holistic caring approach is taken to massage, coaching and counselling. Enabling clients to relax completely and with her guidance, reach your new vision of health, peace of mind, dynamic energy and general well being.


  • Certificate IV in Remedial Massage
  • Certificate Shiatsu
  • Cert. Infant Massage Facilitation (IAIM)
  • Bachelor Education (EC)
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Touch For Health II


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