What to Expect

While treatment varies from person to person, you are always in charge.

In your first appointment, we’ll take you through a gentle discovery process to uncover the issues and symptoms that are concerning you.

We’ll then discuss which strategies will be the most effective, along with setting a realistic timeframe in which to achieve results.

Once you are comfortable with the plan, we’ll then work together to resolve the issues in manageable stages.

Some clients are in intense pain or discomfort and start with weekly or twice weekly sessions. Others are looking for more maintenance support, and monthly or even seasonal visits are all that’s required to maintain optimal energy, vitality and wellbeing.

Throughout your wellbeing journey, your engagement is an integral part. Asking questions and providing feedback are encouraged from the beginning to maximise the outcome as well as your comfort and confidence.

Welcome to your journey of wellbeing. Welcome to BlossomingMe.