BlossomingMe babies and children

Infant care

Regardless of the use of forceps, ventouse (vacuum), caesarean section, pain relief or any other interventions or stresses, your baby just completed a long and difficult journey to join you. Osteopathic treatment for your young one may allow them to more quickly and easily settle into their new state.

Some babies also suffer feeding difficulties, tight necks/difficulty turning head, pain when on their back, failure to thrive, restlessness and constant crying, difficulty sleeping and growing pains. Many parents have found that Osteopathic treatment has assisted their children through these issues and more.

Osteopathy may also be useful for older children. While it’s true that the earlier the treatment, the better the prognosis, many of the long lasting musculoskeletal – biomechanical effects of conditions present at birth and early infancy may still be significantly improved with Osteopathic treatment.

At Blossoming Me, we only use the more gentle techniques with children. By assisting the young body to adapt to growth related changes and challenges, there is the potential to prevent future complications and other health problems. Our aim is to ultimately support your baby’s healthy growth, development and transition to a happy and healthy young adult.