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Are you wanting to improve your General Health, whether or not you have any specific health conditions? If so please keep watching and I will share with you a little bit about circulation and how you can start building your health from the foundations up.

Hi I’m Alexis Weidland osteopath at BlossomingMe. As an osteopath for over 17 years I have come to respect the body more and more its intricate connections and the way it works together. My special interest with true foundational Health has only deepened and I love working with clients who are willing to take action to improve their health.

Circulation is essential for healthy cells; tissues; organs; and systems. In order to have good circulation we need healthy blood vessels that can allow the blood flow, unimpeded by plaques; that constrict and dilate as needed; a strong healthy heart; good oxygen supply; and (healthy blood, healthy,) healthy blood cells that don’t clump together, that are produced correctly, that are not destroyed too fast, and that can effectively transport oxygen to the cells.

Issues in any of those above things can result in one form of anemia or a perfusion problem, and this will result in substantial circulation issues. If anything (everything) from that above list is within acceptable limits, then you won’t have a medical condition that is directly affecting your circulation. But there is a range between a diagnosable medical condition and your optimal circulation.

So if you have anemia or a perfusion issue then you need to start there before you can move to your next step in re-creating your health. Ensuring that you have the nutrients for good blood circulation; and production; oxygenation; and supporting a strong heart; as well as flexible, plaque free vessels is essential.

You may need to be taking medications but it’s always best where possible to minimize the dosage of your medications by optimizing what you can via diet and lifestyle.

Do you have varicose veins… anywhere? Varicose veins occur in locations where there is an increase in pressure and twisting, affecting one or a few veins. The twists and strains will cause increased local pressure which will cause the muscles of the vein to weaken. The one-way valves in your veins then may no longer work properly, allowing the blood to flow backwards and this increases the blood volume and the pressure in the lower parts of your body. This can cause an increased likelihood of veins to bulge and limb swelling.

The American Heart blood and lung Institute states that sitting and standing for a long period of time… is a risk factor for varicose veins and I would put that another way… is a risk factor for putting pressure and strains on all body tissues including blood vessels.

Western medicine sees this twisting and increased pressure on the veins in am, in more obvious Health Threatening Conditions, but this same basic principle occurs on a smaller limit (no) a smaller level also. This is where the same thing is occurring in any one or many parts of the body but your body isn’t (no) IS essentially coping with it…  but “coping” isn’t the same as “happy”.

So back to creating true health … Once you know that your blood is oxygenated and it’s getting where it needs to go, the next step is to ensure that the veins and the lymphatic system are able to return the blood to the heart, and to mop up all excess fluid from surrounding the cells. Your arteries have strong muscles within the walls. Veins however do not have any muscles and as I said earlier they do have one-way valves that assist the movement in the correct flow (direction). Lymphatic vessels don’t have one-way valves and they don’t have any muscles at all. They rely solely on external muscles such as the calf muscles, and therefore activity, to move the fluid back to where it will rejoin the venous system ,where it can then move to the kidneys to be processed and then excreted.

So our next step in building true, sustainable health, is to improve venous return and lymphatic function. How do we do this the best way is to keep active and avoid periods of longer than 20 minutes of sitting or standing in one position.

So you could do this by setting a regular alarm on your phone and every 20 minutes go and get a glass of water; go to the toilet; do a few stretches; or take a few deep breaths. Each 20 minute break really only needs to be about 30 seconds long and then every hour or three 20-minute Cycles take an extra five minute break where you can increase your movement further.

I hope that you have found this helpful and if so please comment, like, or share… and if you’d like a copy of my circulation booster from home cheat sheet please comment CHEAT SHEET below.

Thank you so much for watching!

Next time I will be discussing the lymphatic system, what it does and how it’s affected.

Till then bye for now.


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