BlossomingMe Pre & Post Natal and Infant Services.

Pregnancy is an exciting time of life filled with wonder and joy. Osteopathy during pregnancy is equally exciting.

During pregnancy, the female body shows enormous ability to adapt and compensate. The uterus, abdomen and the birth canal stretch to a remarkable size, and post birth, can return to pre-pregnancy size relatively quickly.

With these extra demands on the body, it’s not uncommon for a pregnant woman to suffer from back and joint pain, especially lower back, leg, pelvic, shoulder and neck pain.

Osteopathy is believed to be a gentle and effective form of treatment, and in most cases, able to reduce pain and discomfort, increase mobility and aid the body’s physiology in order for the mother and foetus to achieve optimal wellness.

Prenatal care

Regular treatment may aid the body in readiness for the birthing process and help both mother and baby recuperate and thrive after the trauma of labour.

Your Osteopath will carefully select the most appropriate treatment to maximise the safety and comfort for you and your growing baby.

They may also be able to assist in the likelihood of a natural delivery of your baby by helping your mind and body to both be strong and relax. Mental stresses and fears of birthing and becoming a mother can create tightness and resistance in your body.

By providing support and helping you deal with such emotions and the strains that they can create in your body, the risk of an extended labour, pain and complications may be reduced.

Postnatal care and recovery

In preparation for the period of recovery following birth, your Osteopath can provide you with exercises to assist in the strengthening and support of your pelvic floor and lower back to reduce the risk of incontinence and lower back pain. They can also assist with ways to improve posture and muscle tension during feeding to reduce the risk of upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

In addition, your Osteopath can also assist with correct baby attachment and suckling, as well as improving your lymphatic drainage to minimise the risk of mastitis.

Such treatment and exercises may help you to minimise general body stresses so that you can optimally cope with the stress of motherhood and the interrupted sleep and fatigue you will likely incur.