Pricing & Packages

BlossomingMe offers a range of services for your health benefit





– Initial Consultation – 45-60min – $177
– Subsequent Consultation 30-45min – $147
– Extended Subsequent 45-60 min – $177
– Covered by all health funds


– Initial Consultation 90 min – $177
– Subsequent Consultation 60 min – $147
– Extended Subsequent Consultation 90 min – $197
– Covered by most health funds – Please call to confirm your’s is covered

Infra-Red Sauna

For 20 minute Sauna Only Sessions:
Solo, Individual Session: $30
For Two People, Individual Session: $50

For 40 minute Sauna Only Sessions:
Solo, Individual Session: $40
For Two People, Individual Session: $60

10 Pack:
Solo: $350
For Two People: $540

20 Pack:
Solo: $685
For Two People: $1015

NOTE: Upgrade your Remedial Massage or Osteopathy consultation with a 10-minute Infra-Red Sauna session for just $10.

Plans and Packages

Personalised Treatment Plans and Packages for You

Our Personalised Treatment Plans are all about helping busy people stay on track in their recovery and maintain their health and wellbeing.

At BlossomingMe, our treatments are outcome-focused.

Whatever your goals are, whether they be returning to a sport, performing your personal best in a long-distance cycle race or being able to play with or pick up your kids whenever you want to.

We take time to understand your goals, the results and outcomes you are looking to achieve, and what has been holding you back from reaching them.

And then work to find solutions for you, specifically, to reach the particular results and outcomes you most want to achieve.

We offer strategically designed packages, to help you personally, get the best value in supplemental tools and services. So that you can reach your chosen results and outcomes as swiftly and easily as possible, as well as supporting you to maintain them long-term.


Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Paypal account
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit

Please note, that by making your booking, you commit to the full payment being made at time of consultation, including in event that you do not provide a full 24hrs notice of cancellation or rescheduling (this includes not showing up to your appointment).

Should you require your booking to be rescheduled, as long as you provide over 24hrs notice for doing so, your booking fee will roll over to the new booking.

Cancellation Policy

Our booking and cancellation policies are there to assist both you and the BlossomingMe Team, and occurs regardless of circumstances.

If you require to reschedule your appointment and you do so with more than 24hrs notice, your booking deposit will transfer to your new appointment time.

This is to ensure that you take your appointment seriously, for you to get the most out of it, as well as to allow us to fit in emergencies and last minute appointments into the canceled spaces, as we often have a waiting list. This benefits you, at the times that you may need us in a hurry.

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