Detoxification is another word for cleansing the body of toxins. You are exposed to toxins every day – in the food you eat, the water you drink and bathe in, the air you breathe, in products you use on your skin or to clean with and more. It’s impossible to avoid exposure to toxins, but the body in its wisdom, has many actions that allow it to neutralise these toxins and remove them from harms way. While these toxins are present, un-processed, in your system, they create damage, affecting the function of cells damaged as well as inflammation. If the body has all the nutrients required and a detoxification system that is fully functioning (not hindered in any part of the process), then these toxins will be removed , somewhat easily. If however, there is a block in the process, toxins build up. This block, can just be a bottleneck, due to an overload of toxins compared with the speed at which the body can process them. While there are many parts to this process, there is ONE component that you can easily keep an eye on and do something about if it gets sluggish… This is the ONE thing that you MUST ensure is working when you proform any detox… or yor detox, whether you know it or not, won’t be useful or health giving! So what is this ONE thing? 

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Have you ever thought about doing a detox –  for General Health; to Reduce Fat; or specifically to help Improve a Health Condition? If so let me tell you the one thing that you need to make sure that you do no matter what detox you choose!

Hi I’m Alexis Weiland, osteopath at BlossomingMe.

if you’d like to recap on my previous Health Focus chats and see how circulation and the lymphatics are both essential to detoxification, please go to our blog page to our YouTube channel or scroll through our Facebook page, but for now let’s jump to the end stage of the digestive system and see how digestion is important and in fact essential to the detoxification process. I’m going to ignore how we create improve digestion or even identify the signs of poor digestion and look straight at the large intestines. If digestion is slow, incomplete, creates lots of gas, or moves just with difficulty through the digestive tract, or worse it gets sticky and so you get buildup of Gunk along the digestive …sorry… the intestinal lining, or you get constipation, (and this Gunk build up, and, uh, backup can happen even when you have, uh, regular bowel movements). Then extra load is placed on your bowels; there is increased pressure and stretch – which can cause discomfort and pain; there is build up of the waste in the bowels, that you’re trying to push through, which makes your body have to work much harder. Plus the longer the faeces stays in the bowels, the more water is removed, making the faeces harder. And this means that you have to work even harder still to push everything through, to remove it.

AND, during its Extended Stay, there’s two other important things that happen: undigested food that remains in your faeces can putrefy, creating further toxins; and, both these new toxins, and any toxins that are already present in your faeces can both become can both reabsorb into the bloodstream via the intestinal lining.

This single point is the one reason that every detoxification program that you do must always include a way to directly and completely get the bowels empty… during the beginning of the program as well as throughout the program. If you don’t, then any toxins that are sitting there, uh, waiting removal, from your detoxification program, that your body has worked so hard to remove is likely to be reabsorbed.

This means that your body has to work harder still trying to – recapture these toxins; re-inactivate them; and bind them; and either try to remove them again or if they can’t complete that process then store them in fat tissue.

This is the reason that people will feel tired; sick; or (just or) achy; or just yuck, during their detox!  As your body is chasing its tail trying to recapture and inactivate these toxins again, it causes damage to the cells to the mitochondria and to tissues – reducing function from anything (tissue) that’s been damaged; and putting extra stress on your immune system – as your immune system has to re-inactivate any potentially dangerous pathogens or toxins.

So, this will lead to the feeling of you having a cold or a flu, or to other aches and pains from the inflammation that’s created.

So if you’re doing a detox you need to allow your body to fully and completely remove the toxins that you’re clearing out of your cells. You need to allow your detoxification system to catch up from any of the overload that it’s had over that period of … over your previous period of time since your last detox or since forever. 

if you don’t give it that time to catch up and you don’t give it that rest time during the detox then sadly the aim that you were creating with doing the detox – to allow your body to remove extra toxins is sadly not happening. But further, people are often trying to lose weight by doing a detox, and if toxins re-enter your system, then your body… if your body does not have enough antioxidants and other nutrients to again neutralise and again bind, so that it can completely leave, then your body has no choice but to keep itself safe by encapsulating those toxins into the fat tissue. Meaning that you won’t lose weight in fact you’ll probably gain more weight you might still lose …sorry, let me just be clear – you won’t lose any FAT, in fact you’ll probably gain extra fat. You will probably still lose weight, but that will likely be water loss and possibly even muscle loss. So this is why, when you do a detox, it doesn’t matter which detox you do, but you want to focus on one that’s right for you; and you don’t need a drastic approach.

You just need to eat cleanly

You need to remove all irritants and allergens from your diet

You need to eat extra vegetation, especially those dark green leafy vegetables

and you need to just do some simple things that stimulate your body’s natural detoxification processes including natural ways to clear your bowels

This allows your body to be able to neutralise and bind and completely remove any toxins that it worked so hard to remove from your cells.

Ensuring that you start with a real food-based detox or even maybe a juice fast is really important because these ensure that you get the extra nutrients needed for your body to completely detoxify effectively!

I hope you found this helpful

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Also I have just created a detox program so if you’d be interested in finding out more, I will add a link in the comments section that you can go to, to find out about my 14 …14 day Whole Food detoxification process to allow you to BOOST YOUR ENERGY!

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