The Meaning of Life – Become a Dreamer and a Doer

You can’t learn confidence through theory. Confidence is built through action-based experience. When you live a purposeful life; something pulls or stretches you and makes you reach beyond your boundaries. This is one of the neatest ways to build self-confidence. Because it’s important to you, it taps into your passions. So rather than feeling the need to push yourself forward, you are internally, organically, and naturally pulled. You become self-motivated to do more, and as a result, you often achieve more. It’s interesting how it works. When you do more and achieve more, you begin to realise that you can accomplish more than you thought you could. It becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


We’ve found this too, while building our clinic business. Learning becomes much clearer when applied to things we care deeply about. More than that, if you’ve heard me speak at the beginning of any calendar year, you’ll have heard my passion for beginning with deliberate, focused intentions, in different areas or roles in our lives. Or visions, dreams or missions.

I would go so far as to say that meaningful purpose is what life is all about. 

I heard inspirational speaker, Glenda Leonard, many years ago, explain that it’s “All about the Dash”. Glenda spoke of the magic she found in cemetery gravestones, reading the brief descriptions of lives lived, from this time “-” to that time. Often these descriptions are about our personal, meaningful purpose.



1. Dream until it’s your reality

Let’s consider Martin Luther King Jr’s iconic speech. His words were clear when he shared them with over 250,000 civil rights supporters… “I have a dream”. He didn’t say he wanted to change habits, although he did. Nor did he say “I have a goal”, although he certainly had these too. Having a vision or a dream is hugely powerful, as John C. Maxwell so aptly stated:

Habits may give us structure, and goals may give focus, but intentions, personal missions, or “Dreams give power. Dreams expand the world.” 

Whether it’s a vision that spans your lifetime, or a series of smaller aspirations, they can all carry a deeply personal meaning, which provides powerful motivation to do more and stretch more. To live a purposeful life, dream until it’s your reality.

2. Changing the programs in your mind

As you explore new avenues and experiences, as you take action to create your dreams, you’ll realise you’re more capable than you first imagined. This is because when your expectations change, your thoughts also alter. When you think differently, your automated deeper thoughts also shift.   Incredibly, this interrupts the old thought patterns about:

  • yourself
  • others
  • the world
  • life in general

These thought patterns, which lead in succession faster than the speed of light, also stop. The highways and expressways of thought patterns fall into disrepair. As a result, your old programs, which are neurologically connected to these changed thought patterns, begin to chemically deteriorateThese programs, which you run unconsciously, relate to your:

  • self-confidence
  • a sense of worth to succeed
  • your attitude to personal responsibility
  • and various other habits and messages.



How long does it take for these thought expressways to begin to break down

These expressways and old programs can begin to break down chemically in as little as 3 weeks. So if you deliberately change a habit, be it a thought or behaviour, for 21 days or more, it will start to disintegrate. That’s why we often hear habit coaches speak about changing a habit for at least 3 weeks. At the end of those 3 weeks, the old pathway is still there, you can still go back to it if you choose. But what you have is a choice. That old expressway of thought is now a backstreet. Do it long enough, about 90 days, and it will become an old, overgrown path. While your new thought or habit becomes bigger and stronger.

The stronger program wins! Always!

Not the right one, not the true one, just the stronger one

I suggest it’s easier to focus on something for 3 weeks or longer, if it is of great importance to you. So, rather than choosing to swap breakfast food from Coco Pops to fruit, choose something emotionally powerful to you. A new habit that represents something bigger than you. That pulls you along, and makes the new habit compelling from within. For example, choosing to eat healthy food to boost self confidence and self worth? Or to feel more vitalised and spend more quality time with loved ones. 


3. How do I find my purpose in life? 

Now it’s clear that having a deep purpose or meaning helps greatly to change unwanted habits. Here are some activities you can deliberately immerse yourself in, to focus on meaning and purpose in your life, and thus boost your self confidence.


Create a Definite Aim

As Napoleon Hill would describe it, a “Definite aim”, that you are passionate about. Vision boarding is one way to do this. Simply cut and paste, draw, write it out or create one in Canva. Create one, for individual or multiple key areas of your life. Add as much detail as you can. And place it somewhere you will see it daily.  This will help you live a purposeful life.


If creating a “Definite aim” is something you’d like to explore further, please check out our earlier Positive Pyjama Chats or my Outcomes Mastery This 3-step formula empowers professional women, (like you), to uncover the results you truly want, in the primary roles in your life. So you can regain your personal clarity, energy, and presence.” 


Achievement board & personal reflection

These are a brilliant tool to recognise where you are currently, and what you have achieved. Knowing where you want to go is important, but celebrating your wins and acknowledging how far you’ve come assists with personal growth. It may be even more crucial, when your focus is creating meaning and purpose and building self confidence.


Reflecting daily and fostering an attitude of gratitude helps you notice and appreciate the steps you are taking to achieve these worthy aims, and who you are becoming, step by step, in the process. As Jim Rohn says:

“It’s not what we achieve, it’s who we become in the process”.

With your focus on the deeper meaning in your life, you are becoming the person who has the confidence to do or achieve this thing.


We learn best by immersion. Just watch a toddler learn, they’re into everything and soak up everything they can, to learn. In your first 2.5 years of life, you learn a myriad of things, including language. Not by going to school, getting coached, lectured, or tutored. You learn by being surrounded by it. Immersed in language and life.


Similarly, you can build your new habit or program more quickly, powerfully and reliably, when you surround yourself with it. When you “go” to the land of self-confidence and success, and learn the language. Isn’t it more inviting and exciting to immerse yourself in something that gives you purpose and meaning?

Blossoming Me vision and outcome board
subliminal messaging in your environment thoughts

4. Subliminal Messaging / Auto-Suggestion:

One way to immerse or surround yourself, is through auto-suggestion: Auto-suggestion is broader than audios & videos, it encompasses your whole environment. Including people, places and plants. Now that you’re focusing on your meaningful missions, you may find that your mission leads you to particular people, places or plants, relevant to it. Who are the people you want to surround yourself with?, Either while you are directly taking action on the mission, or mentors and teachers who you can be inspired by, find support or learn more from? 


You may be wondering how impactful subliminal messaging can really be… To help you understand just how much power subliminal messaging and auto-suggestion have in our everyday lives, I wanted to share this story.


 Story: The Power of Subliminal Messaging

A group of experienced, professional advertising agents from successful firms, from across the US east coast were asked to come to a small town, on the other side of the country, to design an advertisement to promote the town. 


They were collected from the airport and driven across town to the boardroom of the company who hired them. On the way, they passed by a zoo, billboards with strong messages about safety, freshness and adventure, and passed other town landmarks.


When they got to the boardroom, the managers of the company who had hired them, welcomed them and sat them down at the table. They explained,

“We know that you are each great agents, from the best, most successful firms, in your city. You all know that we’re looking to create an ad for our town, and we’ve asked you here today to help us do that. We have a few ideas,” they said, one of them holding up an envelope, “but you are the experts. We’d like to hear from you, first, before we tell you our ideas. So we’ll give you space to get your heads together and creative juices flowing, then we’ll come in, have a listen to your ideas and go from there. Sound like a plan?” The agents all agreed this was a good plan, and the managers left them to it.


At the agreed time, the managers returned and listened to the ideas and concepts that these experienced, professional agents put forward.


At the end of the group presentation by the agents, the managers were happy with these ideas and congratulated the agents on all the hard work they’d done. Finally, at the end, the managers reached for the envelope of their own ideas that had been on the board table from before the agents arrived in the room. They opened the envelope and shared with the agents their own ideas about the promotion for their town. 


What they read from the letter, sealed in the envelope, was virtually identical to the ideas put forward by the professional, and very successful advertising agents.


How? Because the path of signs, businesses and landmarks of the town they had driven past on their way from the airport was no accident. It was strategically designed to subliminally have them thinking in certain ways about the town.



What messages are you picking up from around you that could influence or compromise your endeavours?


Whether in person, or on audios & videos, others values and beliefs will rub off on you. That is the point, and so, it’s also useful to monitor them. Are they lifting you up, encouraging you, stretching you, and pushing you forward? Or do they put a lid on your growth? Limiting you, your belief in yourself, or generally leaving with you a shrinking feeling?

Auto-suggestion has more of an external focus. Whereas, an internally focused method, may help you feel like you can have a day-to-day, in the moment impact, by simply monitoring yourself. Listen objectively and analytically to what you say to others, and yourself, and edit it. Catch yourself mid thought and mid sentence. Change ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, ‘I’m not enough’, to ‘Let’s see how far I can go’. At home, be mindful of your expressed language in front of your kids, your spouse, and of course yourself, before you speak, as well as your inner dialogue.


Going back to the neurological thought expressways mentioned before. These steps are all about noticing when you’re on the old pathway and deliberately moving to the new pathway, to build and strengthen that one.



Challenge Yourself to Speak Only Positively

A fun game to play, to challenge yourself, for just one day, to speak only positively to and about:

  • yourself
  • your spouse
  • your family
  • others
  • your hobbies
  • your projects
  • your career
  • life.

Imagine, for one whole day, speaking only positively! When you’ve mastered that reflect on the day, observe any changes you experienced. Then stretch the challenge, try it for a week. Now you’re really building that thought expressway!

Focus on positive family friends work self subliminal messaging neuroscience

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