Get the Results you want, without the pressure:

Outcomes Mastery

A 3-step formula, to empower professional women.

Uncover the results that truly mean the most to you in the primary roles of your life and regain your personal clarity, energy, and presence!

Do You find goal setting overwhelming and pressuring?

What if this time could be different?

What if you could feel truly Inspired, Energised and Confident?

What if creating Momentum in your day, week, year, and Life, was as simple as focusing with clarity, on your vision… your desires… your Outcomes?



  These 3 simple Steps to creating Clear Outcomes, can make all the difference!

Getting you unstuck, sharpening your clarity and focus, and taking your productivity to the next level!

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“Do, and actually invest time, in Day Dreaming! Because thoughts really do become things!”

Sarah Gowans, step-mum, massage therapist and business owner

Are you star player material? Dedicated, taking time to set your goals for the next phase or chapter ahead, get “organised” and prepared? Have you, in the past, done all that hard work, only to get to the end of the process, feeling swamped, overwhelmed and stuck? For many of us, the process of goal setting adds pressure to the pot of our life, rather than relieving it.

What if this time could be different? What if this time, you could truly feel Inspired, Energised and Confident? Making your action steps feel like the natural expression of the enthusiasm and passion you feel inside. So that you can get unstuck and feel the energy and flow, back in your day, week, year; your whole life. Boosting your confidence, clarity, and productivity.

In this 3 Step “Outcomes e-Guide”, I’ll show you how to:

boost your concentration

By creating clear outcomes, intentions, and results you desire, for each of your life roles, your attention and energy will naturally be focused on where it is most effective. Reducing your mental clutter and overwhelm, and increasing your clarity and concentration.

boost your energy

As your clarity focuses your actions, you spend less time and energy on things that don’t matter as much, and you are naturally drawn to activities that can greatly impact your desired outcomes. Seeing the results you create, owning them and feeling inspired by them, builds an uplifting cycle. Raising your energy higher and higher.

boost your confidence

When your goals and action steps are fueled from within, by your clear, authentic vision for specific areas of your life, taking action becomes a natural extension of this vision, and increased confidence and belief in yourself is the outcome.

boost your productivity

When your goals and action steps are supported with clear desired outcomes for specific areas of your life, that inspire and uplift you, your energy and confidence rise, and increased productivity is the outcome.

Hi, I’m Sarah Gowans, massage therapist, coach, step-mum, and business owner. I love helping busy women to keep themselves and their families healthy. To use smart yet simple strategies, so that they can stay focused on being their best, most powerful self. To be the partner, parent, daughter and career woman, they are proud to be.

Many people think that to be healthier, calmer, more full of energy and vitality we have to make big, drastic changes in our lives. Often, we are closer to these outcomes than we think. Frequently we are doing things already, that with a little tweaking and a few, more mindful choices and actions, we can reach the outcomes we are aiming for.

By getting to the core, of who we are and who we want to become, in each of the different roles we have in our lives, we can be inspired and energised. By having a clear vision of these outcomes and spending time “Day Dreaming” about them, our choices, decisions, and actions unconsciously and almost effortlessly become more in line with the results and outcomes we really desire.

With some simple mindfulness strategies and healthful habits, you can transform your life. So you can be the clear, confident, energised, passionate and productive You, with your most important people. Growing inspiring, authentic, satisfying, relationships, both personally and in business.

In short, you can become this person you are so proud of, that you know you can be. So that you can:

Be More * Give More * Have More

Sarah xx

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