In this video, we explore how the Kidney and Bladder Meridians can impact your lower back, and overall wellbeing.

In the video, we cover 3 things, that may help you relieve your lower back pain and stiffness.

✅  What is chi, or energy flow, in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

✅  Why is it important, for our lower back health?

✅  Three ways that chi flow through our Kidney channel is at risk, compromising our lower back health.


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 Is stuck energy in your kidney meridian channel causing your lower back pain?

Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Gowans from Blossoming Me and the Healthy Learning Lounge. Here we’re a sanctuary where you can come and tap in to nurture your journey to health, well being, and a positive mindset,  to clear the stresses stopping you from living your most fulfilling life. 

Today we’ll discuss how your lower back pain might be due to stuck Chi or energy in your kidney meridian channel. Chi, or energy flow, is one of the key principles of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM. This is important because often, where there is free flow, there is no pain. And where there is no free flow in energy, there is plenty of pain.  And this could be causing your lower back pain.


What Is Chi?

Chi is energy, you see.  And it can be described as electromagnetic current, as ether, as our life force or vital force.  It travels throughout our entire body, through meridians, or channels, to reach every part of our body. 

The kidney meridian channel is one of those channels and it governs the lower back. So when the chi flow in your kidney meridian channel is stuck, it’s like a traffic jam of sorts. And your lower back might be struggling and in pain as a result. 


Three Ways Stuck Kidney Chi Can Increase Our Risk of Lower Back Pain:

The high stress, and high impact lifestyle that most of us lead, can lower our kidney meridian energy, increasing the chance of stuck chi flow and lower back pain. Three main ways that this happens are wind, cold, and dampness, all common in our winter months.  Warmth, especially around your kidney and your lower back area, can improve circulation, reducing cold, reducing stiffness from the cold, and easing your pain. 



This can weaken our chi, or our immune system, leaving us more susceptible to cold and flu viruses, and other invaders.  



Number three.  Stagnant chi, due to too much energy, like when we’re overexerted or exhausted from too much activity or we’ve suffered a trauma. So these can be things like repetitive actions, lifting things, repetitive strains, and similar sorts of sprains.  

That’s too much energy. Then there can be too little energy.  Several things can cause this. So, poor diet, insufficient rest, especially when that happens together with too much work, and we’re just overloaded, overwhelmed,  and that can often happen in our busy lives. So too much activity, or overwork, excessive sex, overuse of drugs, chronic illness, hereditary weaknesses, and excess of emotions, particularly fear and anxiety, and general aging, as our chi naturally declines. 

This can create slow or sluggish flow throughout the channel and sometimes a drop in energy as well.


In conclusion:

So, supporting your kidney and its partner, the bladder meridian, during winter can enhance your physical and emotional well being and help ease your lower back pain and stiffness.

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From my heart to yours, Namaste.

The love and light in me honours the love and light in you.

Sarah xx

Author: Sarah Gowans

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