In this video, we explore how trauma can be trapped in the body and the role of the nervous system in this process.

✅  Delve into Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on meridian channels related to autumn and winter.

✅  See how the lung and large intestine channels associated with autumn, and bladder and kidney channels connected to winter, can aid in cultivating inner strength, courage, and wisdom; and ease you physical and emotional pain.

✅  Get a detailed guide on meridian brushing techniques for two of these channels, to restore balance and support the parasympathetic nervous response. To close the trauma loop and support emotional and physical healing.


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Hi there and welcome. We’ve been talking about trauma and what happens when it gets stuck in your body, how the nervous system is part of that process. And today I wanted to talk to you about the acupressure points and meridian channels that traditional Chinese medicine are also related to the seasons. At the moment in Australia, like all of the Southern Hemisphere, we’re approaching the end of autumn and then the beginning obviously of winter.  These months are beautiful in terms of releasing unneeded energies, things that we no longer need, as well as the beauty of our spirit within. 

Foster Inner Strength and Character to Complete the Nervous System Loop and Release Trauma From Your Body:

Why? Because in traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the time of the metal element and the lung and large intestine meridian channels. The lung in particular is all about our spirit and when these meridian channels are strong and vibrant and full of energy, we have a strong spirit and we have plenty of composure.  Winter, which we are obviously approaching, it’s the time of the element of water and the meridian channels of bladder and kidney. Now when bladder and kidney meridian channels are flowing well, when their energy is vibrant and dynamic, then we have courage within. And wisdom, our inner wisdom or our intuition, is also strong, very closely related to our spirit and composure.

What better way to foster inner strength and character and enable our bodies to complete that cycle that we’ve been speaking about for the nervous system? Bring it back to composure, bring it back to centeredness, bring it back to that parasympathetic nervous system response. 

That way we can close that circuit, which enables our body to deal with effectively the trauma. It’s not about getting rid of the trauma, but it is about closing that loop so that we can come back to ourselves, come back to our own centre, come back to our composure and courage and inner wisdom.

In contrast, when the kidney and bladder energies get stuck and they aren’t flowing either, similar to our nervous system loop, then our bodies can respond with fear and anxiety. Depression and fear and anxiety are both commonly experienced when we are suffering trauma.  Where our nervous system loop is not closed, where our nervous system loop is stuck open, and we haven’t reached the resolution where we are back in our parasympathetic response.

Simply by tuning into and supporting our lung and large intestine channels as well as our kidney and bladder meridian channels We can help our bodies come back to our parasympathetic response to complete and close that nervous system loop.

Large Intestine and Bladder Meridian Brushing:

A couple of weeks ago, I ran through some meridian brushing with you. We did the lung and the large intestine.  To clear and release these energies that we no longer need. That will make space automatically, creating a vacuum where we can bring in the energies that we do desire.

The easiest way to release the energy is to focus on the outside of the body. So that will be the large intestine meridian channel in autumn, and the bladder in winter. So let me go through those with you, and I will also leave a link to a diagram in the description box below.

Large intestine, that then starting at the corner of the nose, going across the top lip, down the neck, through the shoulder, through the top of the elbow, right through that,  between the bone and the elbow crease, the outside of the elbow, down the outside of the wrist, and to the outside of the pointer finger. Coming to your nail bed and out there. So that’s the Large Intestine Meridian Channel. 

The Bladder Meridian Channel, that starts in the corner, the inside corner of your eyes, comes up over your forehead, over the back of your head, down the back of your neck. Bring your arms around to collect from the shoulder blade and come straight down the spine. Come straight down your bottom, straight down the back of your thigh to your knee. At the knee come out a little bit to the edge of the knee. Come straight down from your knee to the back of your ankle bone and out the side of your little toe. And I will, as I said, these two meridian channels I’ll leave a link to these diagrams in the description box below. Focusing on releasing these will create the space so that you can bring in your composure, your spirit, your courage, and your inner wisdom. bringing you back to a sense of centeredness, completion, and space for healing your body. I hope you found value in the video today and if you did, please like and share it.

Check out the diagrams for a clearer picture, and join us next time here at Blossoming Me and the Healthy Learning Lounge for more support to nurture your body your health and well being and your positive mindset. 

From my heart to yours, Namaste.

Sarah xx

Author: Sarah Gowans

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