Are you been suffering from sore thumbs, elbow or shoulder issues? Cold or flu symptoms like a tight chest, nasal congestion, a heavy head, or even insomnia? Maybe you’ve been struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety? 

In this video, I cover 3 things:

✅  Ailments that commonly show up when your Lung or Large Intestine meridian channel energies get stuck.

✅  What can you tap into during autumn, that can help you release these?

✅  One thing you can do to help clear these ailments


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In the season of autumn, where in Traditional Chinese Medicine the lung meridian channel, as well as the large intestine meridian channel, can be both vulnerable. Meaning that we are prone to certain issues that can come up. But also, they can be very helpful to deal with said issues. 

So issues that can come up,that are connected to the lung meridian channel, are things like sore thumbs, weak arm muscles, droopy shoulders, even a heavy head. This can leave you feeling depressed, and give you the sense of hopelessness. 

If your lung meridian channel is actually excessive, rather than deficient, that can leave you with a tight chest, or nasal congestion, even, insomnia. It can even result for you in things like anxiety or an obsession with minor details, small details, so you come across like a micromanager. With a large intestine meridian channel, that can show up as things like confused thinking, or poor judgment. It can even show up as constipation. 

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Hi and welcome I’m Sarah Gowans massage and cranio-sacral therapist at BlossomingMe, and The Healthy Learning Lounge. Here we are a sanctuary where you can come to nurture your health and well-being, and a positive mindset. To help you clear the stresses stopping you from living your most fulfilling life.

The Strength of Autumn and the Meridian Channels Lung and Large Intestine is Letting Go

Welcome. Today I wanted to talk with you about the season of autumn, and how it can help us to clear issues like shoulder and arm issues, like nasal and chest congestion issues. The season of autumn, is a great time for letting go. This is one of the strengths of the meridian channels of lung and large intestine. When these meridian channel energies get stuck, they can often show up not just as these physical ailments, that I talked about a moment ago; emotions like sadness really deep sadness and grief.

Autumn being their season of strength, and the action that they are most effective at is releasing and letting go. So that makes autum a really great time to let go of anything that you no longer need. Anything that you are ready to, or your body is ready to, let go of. 

Different Ways You Can Release And Let Go:

There are a couple of different ways that you can focus this energy of release and letting go. One is to declutter your home. You often think of this as spring cleaning, but actually the season of autumn can make this process much easier, more flowing. By tapping into the natural strengths of the season of autumn, this can make this process much easier; both physically decluttering as well as from your heart, to to let go of things. Whether that’s a space in in your house, a whole room or even a small drawer. If you want to go hell for leather, do your whole house. You can release these items, and help save the planet, put them through an OP shop of some description. Donating them to somebody who can use them, or reuse them. 

Another thing you can do, is nourish your body with warming foods. Things like steaming hot soups. Anything to really nourish and warm your body. You can also do a meridian brush.

Meridian Brush of the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians:

So your lung meridian channel starts just above your armpit. From the front of your chest, go around the armpit, down the inside of your arm, inside of the thumb side of the elbow. All the way through that fleshy part of your thumb, and out the other side of your thumb. 

For the large intestine, on the out outside of the arm. Start at the pointer finger on the outside. Coming up that same side of the elbow, but on the outside of the arm. This time going around the back of the shoulder, up the side of the neck, across that corner of your mouth. Top of the lip to the corner of your nose on the other side. 

Whichever way you would like to help your body release this autumn, remember to do it with gratitude and love. Feel it warming your heart, your whole body, and your soul.

So I hope you found this video helpful. And if you liked it, please like and share it, and join us next time, when we talk more about trauma and about how we can support and nurture your body to health and well-being. 

From my heart to yours, Namaste.

Sarah xx

Author: Sarah Gowans

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