Are you a woman who does it all? Who finds herself constantly on the go. Always looking after your kids, your spouse, your parents… Rushing to stay on top of work activities, trying to stay involved in the school community, squeezing in the shopping and cooking and well, if you’re lucky some cleaning. And wondering where on earth you’ll find the time to stop, to maybe do exercise, to read a book or just relax. Come to think of if, you’re not sure you even remember the things you enjoy doing!? Are you a superwoman or a woman under so much load you are about to break? Burnout is becoming more and more prevelant in our modern world and women bear the brunt of it. It really is becoming the common struggle of the modern woman. If you relate…read the transcript below or watch this video

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The World Today

In today’s fast-paced world, burnout has become an all too common phenomenon – especially among women. But what exactly is burnout and why is it so prevalent in our modern society?


Burnout is not simply just feeling tired or stressed out. It’s a complex, debilitating condition characterized by chronic exhaustion; feelings of cynicism and detachment; a sense of lack of control in your own life; as well as feeling ineffective or not able to get everything that is needed to be done, done.

It’s not just on the mental side though burnout leads to reduced metabolism causing increased weight gain, regardless of how much we eat or exercise. Further adding to our lack of self-worth. It also results in reduced digestion and detoxification as well as messing up our hormones. And this all spirals into digestive discomfort and complaints, food sensitivities,inflammation in the gut and throughout the body, increased pain and stiffness, PMS, other hormonal issues, mood disregulation, reduced immunity, and even autoimmune dysfunction. And all of this increases our risk of chronic illnesses. As well as an overall negative effect on our mitochondria, our energy production. Leaving us feeling unable to recharge our batteries, unmotivated, unable to exercise, or sleep effectively. And whilst we’re always tired, we’re also on edge and hypervigilant, and ready to rage at the smallest thing.

A Possible Combination of Causes

Burnout is often the result of chronic stress overwork, coupled with a sense of perceived lack of control. It’s like running on empty both physically and emotionally, with no end in sight and it becomes self-perpetuating.

Why Women More

Women in particular are susceptible to burnout due to our unique demands placed upon us in today’s society. With our increase in women’s rights and an understanding that women can do everything that a man can. It means we have more opportunities open to us. But general roles and responsibilities haven’t quite changed as fast. Leaving women stuck in a place where they’re expected to do it all!

Balance career and child care and household duties and often caring for aging parents. Leaving women open to feeling overwhelmed, and unable to get ahead, and exhausted. The constant and unending to-do list, the inability to say no, our general unwillingness to create confrontation, leaves us stuck feeling hopeless and helpless, resentful, with a lack of control in our own situation and life. it’s common for women to have a sense that they can’t spend money on themselves or take time out to relax and recharge. Sometimes this is based in an old default that males bring in more family financial income and they therefore don’t feel entitled to spend on themselves. And this can even occur when finances are not like this, maybe even reversed. Sometimes it’s (due to) a feeling of unworthiness and sometimes it’s (because of) a lack of realization of the importance of looking after ourselves in order to do those billion other things that must be done now. And it’s easy to feel like our own needs just have to wait because there are so many other things that are really essential to our life as we know it, and consequences of them not being done feels unbearable.

The Danger

But not realizing that the more we do this, the emptier we become and the less able to achieve things.

The work then becomes draining, unfulfilling, and well, in fact our physical bodies just haven’t got the energy to keep going. Or if we can do them, well, our efficiency, and our actions, our thoughts, our decisions… They’re subpar, so things actually take us longer, use more energy, and potentially don’t get well done well enough either.

A Different Way

In fact if we took the time to recharge we could feel energised, and able to make more decisions, and perform better. Things will become faster, done better, and more easily. Plus we would have the brain space to realize or maybe decide that these aren’t really chores… These are things we want to achieve (just) because. Not cuz we have to, we want to! This flip in perspective allows us to feel more comfortable in our life choices, avoid feelings of resentment, and allows us to become more present in our own lives and with others. Helping us to appreciate the things that we do achieve, feel useful – important – productive, and even that we have a purpose.

The role of women has evolved dramatically in the last few decades and the more women are entering into the workforce while still bearing the brunt of household responsibilities. And this increases our pressure, our workload, the toll on physical, mental health, and increases our risk of burnout.

But there really is hope!

What Can You Do?

Recognizing the signs of burnout and taking steps to prioritize our self-care, and our health supporting Lifestyles, and seeking help when we need it. Can help us women to navigate the challenges of Modern Life and prevent burnout from taking over… and to fix it.

So to all the women out there juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Remember You are not alone and it is not your fault! You can’t pour from an empty cup, but you can learn how to refill it!

      • taking time for yourself
      • setting boundaries
      • seeking support when needed

Your health and happiness are worth it!

So that’s it for today. What was your biggest takeaway? Are there any bits that make you say “that’s me”. I’d really love to know!

And if you recognize yourself in any of the above, of what I’ve said. Know that you’re not alone, that there is a lot you can actually do about it. And if you’d like to understand more about how rushing is affecting you and what you can do…

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