If you don’t know how detoxification works and you want a quick result, you could be tempted to go for a fad detox diet or use pills to help. But there are dangers in this. Especially if you have health issues, doing a stimulating or “forecful” detox can make you sicker. Once you understand some basics, you can do a detox, reap the benefits and prevent the potential dangers of a detox.  

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Is a Detox actually dangerous?

Well, yes it can be! If you’ve ever considered doing a detox or wondered why someone would want to. Then watch on as I explain some ways that a detox can actually be dangerous and what you can do to make sure that what you choose to do is not only effective but also safe.

Hi, I’m Alexis Weidland osteopath at BlossomingMe, join me as I delve further into the world of detoxification and some common pitfalls of different detox programs out there.

Increased Toxin Load!

As I have mentioned in an earlier video, a stimulating detox actually causes our body’s to release toxins from the tissues where they were being stored. Sending them to the liver for neutralizing. This actually increases the amount of toxins present in our bloodstream and that our liver needs to process. In other words, it increases our toxic load. If only for a short time.

If our body’s have enough nutrients, cofactors and antioxidants to allow full water solubility, neutralization, conjugation, binding and expulsion… then it is within our body’s ability to cope and, it can help us to both reduce our overall toxin load and feel great.

The Temptation

It can be easy to feel like it would be great to “just budge some belly fat”. In this situation, we may be tempted to try a stimulating detox. One that might be all the rage, touted as helping many A grade celebs to lose weight or something like that. Your body may be able to cope, but if in reality – you have more toxins stored in your body than you know. And don’t have an excess of the nutrients required. Then the temporary skyrocketing of your toxin load will have negative consequences.

The Danger of Stimulating Detoxes

Most trending detoxes do not have enough if any of the correct antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and cofactors required for possibly either, let alone both phases of liver detoxification. n order for it to happen fast enough and to completion. This then, results in increased inflammation plus DNA and cell damage on top of making our body’s work harder and using more energy. 

In such a situation, there is a high likelihood of experiencing symptoms of the “detox flu” as well as cravings, hunger, pains and low energy. Given this, it could be pretty hard to stick to the restrictive program wouldn’t you say?

And, well… this seems to me to be the opposite to our intention when starting one of those detoxes… right?

Instead of giving our body a rest and a chance to catch up, like a more gentle, food-based detox can, it has made our body work harder. If you feel drained when you finish… or you don’t even get to finish because of how crap you feel. Then you can be pretty sure that the nutrient and any energy stores you had, have been further depleted. It wouldn’t be that surprising then, to end up binging on high energy, comfort foods… that, well, can make you regain any weight you may have lost and add more toxins to boot.

On top of any nutrient deficiencies; energy depletion; cell, tissue and DNA damage and increased load your body is now going through. It likely would cause or worsen a backlog in the intestines. Creating discomfort, reduced digestion and less effective toxin removal… as you move forward with normal life after this supposed “health kick”.

What if you are already “At Risk”

Someone with low vitality or overall health may already be experiencing an overload of toxins as evidenced by inflammation, pain etc and has a tendency to “fall over the edge”  because their body’s have such low resilience. These people already struggle just in everyday life, suffering fatigue, multiple food or chemical sensitivities,and an inability to handle doing much at all without feeling terrible and crashing. Often for many days. In this situation, a strong detox will increase free floating toxins and free radicals causing cell and DNA damage and inflammation to a point beyond their ability to manage. It creates an immune type response, as these bodies try desperately to mop up the excess free toxins. As a result, they feel a strong, hard crash. And a worsening of their symptoms… That I expect they were trying to improve by doing “something healthy”. This is not what we want when we feel so fragile, so low. Such bodys’ require a slow, gentle and kind touch.

What about a Safe Alternative?

If, on the other hand, a wholefood based detox is followed. The nutrients required for both phases of liver detoxification are present, and extra antioxidants to mop up any excess free radicals will be available. So nutrient deficiencies won’t be an issue. These detox programs are easy to follow as you are filled with delicious, yet densely nutritious foods. They don’t stimulate liver detoxification, instead, they boost our body’s nutrition status enough for our clever body’s to decide that it is safe enough to deal with some of the excess toxins it has stored. And, you won’t crash or feel a detox flu or achy or drained. Because your body will only release what it is able to fully process and remove. It is just… optimizing your body’s natural detoxification processes and supporting its ability to do what it wants to do… in its constant effort to tend towards the best health it is capable of.

So that is the first essential component of a safe and effective detox… nutrients.

The second essential component in a safe and effective detox is ensuring that our elimination systems are functioning. 

Strain on Elimination Pathways… Are They WORKING?

As I mentioned in a previous video, part of our detoxification process is moving the now safely bound toxins to the kidneys, skin, lungs and intestines for removal. In order for this to occur, all of these avenues must be open. So a good detox includes ways to help our skin pores to open, our lungs to be worked, supports our kidney function AND ensures that our bowels are moving regularly and clearing completely. What I mean by this is that there isn’t a backlog of stool sitting up there. Even when our bowels are emptied daily,there can still be a backlog present. plus sticky bits of stool can coat the bowel wall, if our stool isn’t the right consistency. That just stays there and affects, among other things, the reabsorption of water that happens in our large intestines. If our gut motility is slow or we have constipation, or there is a backlog, any bound toxins present just sit there. They, along with any food particles that are also stuck there, ferment and putrefy. This process, apart from sounding gross, creates more toxins that can then enter your bloodstream from your intestines, causing cell damage and inflammation.

So it is essential, at the start of any detox process, to ensure that your elimination pathways are all moving well. This can be achieved in a few ways, including less safe options. So it is important to seriously consider what approach you take. 

The Safe Option?

In keeping with a whole-food based detox. Tthe gentlest way to ensure that your intestines are moving correctly is to remove food irritants, including common culprits (even if you don’t think you have an issue with them), removing meat intake for at least a few days and ensuring that you are eating a large variety and amount of fiber rich fruits and vegetables. By altering your diet this way, we are actually reducing the workload of our digestive system. We remove things that might be causing pressure and backing things up. We remove things that might cause irritation that can also trigger constipation, sensitivities and inflammation. And we add a variety of fibre (and water) that not only helps to move things through but also feeds our good gut bacteria helping to restore gut microbiome balance

So as you can see. There are a few things that need to be considered if you are thinking about doing a detox or even boosting your detoxification processes in your general everyday life.

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