If you found your holidays an endless juggle of time and activities and difficult people, your body may have been under a little stress! Maybe there were other challenging events happening for you? Or maybe, you just over indulged in the types and quantities of food available during the holiday season? If so, you no doubt feel a little less than optimal returning to the hustle and bustle. Holidays can be great, are much needed and, there is no reason NOT to splurge, at least a little. But it is good to realise that this can set you up for brain fog; overwhelm; inflammation and pain; fatigue and more. What to understand not just why and how but what you can do about it? Watch or read on to find out. 

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Feeling a little sluggish getting back into your regular routine? Watch on as I discuss a simple approach that could have you feeling sprightly and focused and ready for a great 2024. You’ll discover why such a technique is often needed and how it could be a game changer in your life.

Hi I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath at BlossomingMe. If you’ve ever thought about detoxification and wondered what all the fuss is about, or might be considering whether you’d like to do one, this is for you. 

Is this You?

So it’s already no longer quite the beginning of the year. Holidays are over, school is back, regular work routines are in full swing… How do you feel after the holidays? Were you a little over indulgent and you feel a little pudgy around the middle, heavy, bloated or lethargic? Are you struggling at all to get back into your groove? Maybe you feel a little foggy and unfocused? 

Yep, that’s me…. so what happens?

If any of these things resonate with you, a short, food-based metabolism and brain reboot could be just the thing. Wait, that sounds like a detox… But why would you need a detox… you might be asking? And that is a really great question and the answer can be quite long.

There are many reasons a detox might become necessary, so I’m just going to focus on one common combination to show you why and how this happens.

It Slows Things Down

When we have periods of overindulgence, our digestive system may process more irritating substances and less nutrients for a period of time. This imbalance can cause our digestion to begin to become sluggish. If this happens, the amount of toxins released from the digestive tract into the bloodstream increases. It also makes way for an imbalance in the microbes present in our gut. This then sets up a few things.

What Happens Next

Incomplete Digestion

First, completeness and speed of digestion decreases, which can turn into indigestion, constipation, abdominal discomfort, bloating, etc and if prolonged, an increased risk of nutrient deficiencies and even the creation of food intolerances.

GUT Inflammation

Second, increased inflammation in the gut, which causes gaps between the cells of the gut wall allowing larger molecules to directly enter the bloodstream. This activates a body-wide immune inflammatory response.

Brain, Hormone and Mitochondria Changes

Third, altered microbes directly affect the functioning of the brain. The vagus nerve transports microbes, inflammatory chemicals and neurotransmitters from the gut to the brain. Triggering inflammation in the brain, as well as altered neurotransmitter balance that can activate a myriad of brain symptoms (including mood dysregulation, hyperactivity, depression and anxiety and more). It also stimulates the amygdala, activating a heightened stress response throughout the nervous system, and a cell danger response in the mitochondria, of every cell of our bodies… These changes alter hormone regulation including that of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, & blood sugar levels; as well as affecting high level brain function and cellular metabolism which sets off free radical creation, and overall energy production issues. This leads to generalized cell damage, inflammation, fatigue, exercise intolerance and more. 

What were some of the Symptoms again?

So if you have been feeling bloated, constipated, lethargic, and unmotivated, or noticed you are less able to think as clearly, logically or stay focused, or are more irritable and impatient, or you feel a little bigger around the middle or maybe you are feeling more aches and pains or even headaches… This could be a sign that your body has hit what I call toxic overload.

Detoxification and Toxic Load

Now, your body naturally performs processes all the time that allow us to detoxify. But especially if there is a combination of factors, such as, poor diet, a stressful period or event (as Christmas can be in many households), coupled with underlying digestive issues or other factors that you may not even be aware you have, or if your body fighting off an infection, exposure to mold or irritants or even allergens, again, that you may not even have known were present in your environment Then add that to the chemicals that we are already bombarded with, that our liver constantly need to process and remove: in our food such as pesticides, preservatives, and dyes; from medications; in cleaning products, cosmetics, and personal care products; and our local environment- air and water supplies, building and furniture off gasses; and even electromagnetic energy waveforms. 


All of these things add a burden that our bodys’ must cope with. But there will be a point at which our body might struggle to deal with removing them fast enough to cover our exposure level. When this happens, the body continues to detoxify as well as it can. But, there is a backlog that happens. Once this backlog gets large enough, it can begin to interfere with cellular function and detoxification processes, making this backlog worse. At some point, this backlog begins to create feelable symptoms such as, but not limited to those I have described.

What Do I Do Then?

So, if you have any inkling that your body may be beginning to struggle with the chemical load, you want to be able to stay as healthy and energetic as possible or are starting to notice any of the symptoms I have discussed, performing a simple, even short food-based detox might be a good idea.

What Type is ok?

It is always best to start with a detox program that is not stimulating. That is, there are no medications, herbs, supplements or radical diets that aim to, essentially force the body to expel toxins. The reason for this, is that if you have an underlying health condition, or are not detoxifying as well as you could be, especially if you have a high toxin load. Then a stimulating detox will flood your system with toxins being pulled out of your cells, but you won’t have the cell function or nutrient availability to be able to neutralize, process or remove these toxins completely. This will likely leave you feeling sick, like you have the flu, maybe nausea, and with low energy. Not only this, but the released chemicals will cause damage to your cells and DNA until they are caught and neutralised, leaving you open to actually worsening your health status. Further, if you do not completely remove these released toxins out of your body, then your body will need to use more energy to safely tuck them away again, back into fat, where they were before you started the program. Making your whole time, energy and discomfort, for, at best… nothing.


So as you can see, this raises 3 important points

1 – detox programs are very useful and necessary for most of us

2 – our body already performs detoxification and a detox is not a period of allowing our body to begin to detoxify, but a focused time to allow your body to catch up, deal with excess and hopefully reduce the overall load (plus, if done right, it can aid cell healing and improvement of overall health status)

3 – a detoxification program can be dangerous, so you need to look into detox programs and decide on one that is not radical and in fact feeds you with highly nutrient dense foods and that starts off as only food-based before they progress to adding any form of supplements


Thats it for today, I hope you’ve found it useful! What was the stand out for you? Please share in the comments!

Did it raise any questions? If so, please comment below and I’ll answer them

Thanks for watching! If you’d like more information, type “detox” into the comments and I’ll email my eguide Detox: a first step to a vital, energized you!

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