In this video, I cover 3 things:

In this video, I cover:

✅ The question – If you could choose between reaching your health goals by struggling, or with excitement, which would you choose?

✅ How you can tap into your best goals?

✅ So that:

  • Your vision and personal direction become clear.
  • You can make better decisions, more easily.
  • Your actions are more easily and consistently, aligned with your values (and goals).


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Have you ever found yourself compulsively busy? Avoiding things incessantly? Have no time to do simple things, like an exercise to support your health and well-being? Consistently distracting yourself with things like food, drink, social media, technology, and other things like that? That act like addictions, that consume all of our attention? Maybe you have a creeping sense of self-doubt, or disbelief about ever reaching the goal that you have set yourself? Or a feeling of floundering, like where do I start? how do I start? You don’t know where, and you can’t even see where to start? 


If so, then it may be that your health goals are actually goals that you feel you should achieve, rather than ones that actually inspire you from inside. Maybe they’re not even ones that are actually important, or even relevant for you. 


Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Gowans, from BlossomingMe, and The Healthy Learning Lounge. Here we are a sanctuary where you can come to nurture your journey to health and well-being, and a positive mindset. To clear the stresses that are stopping you from living your best and most fulfilling life. 

Struggle and Hard Work

Today I want to chat with you about the sticky, tricky side of goal setting, and why these days I prefer to focus on the outcomes that I want to create, and the core values that they represent, rather than actually setting goals. Because focusing on goals takes us into planning and preparation. The where and how, of beginning to take action. And down the road of hard work and struggle.

Or …

While these are useful tools, it’s not about planning. It’s not about where and how to start. It’s about why to start. And finding our why takes us right into our values, and what’s really at the heart, really important to us. That gives us fire in our belly. That gives us energy to work with. That drives the engine and gives us power. And that then in turn, pulls us internally towards the goals. Towards what we’re wanting to achieve or create, not just in health but in our whole life. 

“Magic happens when we set the right goal”

This helps us sidestep any struggle or resistance, because it becomes about what’s important to us. Like travel, like spending time with people who are important to us, close to our heart. Like doing things, being of service to people who are important to us. It could be going on a trip to South America, taking people that are precious to us, to enjoy the adventure together and share the journey. It could be about striving, pushing forward and doing something that really makes you proud of yourself. Stretching and striving towards a fitness goa,l a health goal. It could be running a marathon, it could be beating your race time, it could be getting a new belt color in your Martial Art. It could be doing all of these things in order to inspire somebody who you are a role model for. A student of yours, your son, your daughter. It could be doing these things so that you can go out and enjoy actively playing with your son or your daughter. So that you can go and kick a soccer ball around with your daughter, or your granddaughter. These are important goals. This is what a health goal is about. It’s that why, that’s important then. And they become personal, and valuable, to us individually, personally. They move us towards the health goals that we are striving for, in 2024. As Vision Lakhiani, from MindValley, says “Magic happens when we set the right goal”. 

How do we know it’s the right goal?

So how do we know that our goal is the right goal, not just another bright shiny object? When we’re clear about what’s important to us, and connected to our values, we find clarity. It enables our interactions with ourself and with others, to be in alignment with our values. It can empower the way we interpret experiences, things that happen to us, in our life, and therefore how we respond to them. Allowing us to see what’s happening through a different lens, a different, deeper perspective. So that we can understand it, and then find meaning in it, so that we can learn from it. Knowing our values then, invites us to be authentic. So that we can approach every situation with clarity and peace of mind. So that we can then strive wholeheartedly, with passion, and purpose, to the things that are important to us.

Thank you for joining me today. I wish you a relaxed body, a clear mind, and a joyous spirit. 

And if you do have any questions please feel free to pop them also in the comments below, so that we can get back to you with answers, and help you personally on your journey. 

We look forward to seeing you back here, next time, for more ways to support you in your journey to well-being.


Sarah xx


ps. To help you even more on this journey, I’ve created a cheat sheet, with a couple of simple steps, to make it easier to align your goals with your values.

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Author: Sarah Gowans

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