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✅  What challenges are associated with February and the element of earth?

✅  What strengths does it also bring?

✅  One simple exercise you can do at home, to centre and empower yourself


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Did you know that the month of February is really significant? According to Time Magazine, it’s by February that 80% of people, 80%, will quit on their goals that we’ve set at the beginning of the year. So they never get the chance to reach the outcomes that they really desire. 

This got me wondering. What’s special about February? Why is there more risk of quitting here? It got me thinking about Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM philosophy. 

The Five Element philosophy in TCM, where February is special, because in the southern hemisphere, that is where we head from Summer into the short period of late summer. So we’re going across from one element, the fire element to the Earth element. We’re activating that. Crossing over seasons. That may challenge us twice as much, but it also gives us the opportunity to double the power that we can tap into. To double those strengths. The strengths of the element of fire and the element of earth. 

So today I wanted to share with you some of the potential challenges and traps that we can fall into when we have imbalances in these elements, fire and earth. As well as the strengths and benefits that they can bring to us. That we can gain if we tap into the fire and earth elements. When they are in balance, they can positively influence various aspects of our life, including the goal setting that I’ve been talking about recently. 

The Fire Element

On the flip side, our heart, in TCM, is considered the house of our mind, our soul, our true center. And that can bring us home to our feelings. Feelings of passion and purpose. These are behind well-set goals. So we can be uplifted, and energised, to achieve these goals. When our other fire meridians are in balance, that can reduce our resistance, and increase our ability to think clearly. And our actions may flow more easily. Further, it can lift our energy levels, and our overall vitality. Increasing our ability to engage in activities that support the achievement of our goals. 

The Earth Element

In contrast, our earth meridians, stomach and spleen, when they are out of balance, the spleen in particular, can lead to overthinking and to worry. When it is balanced, we’re able to remain more grounded and stable. Supporting our mental clarity, our focus, and concentration. Improving then, our decisions, and aiding our effective planning, as well as our organisation toward reaching our intended goals.

Our steady progress is further enhanced with a well-balanced stomach meridian. The digestion and assimilation done by our stomach, metaphorically as well as physically, can symbolize gradual and steady progress towards the outcomes that we really want to create this year. This can be essential for achieving the goals that we have set. 

Healthy Personal Boundaries

Also healthy personal boundaries are important, as a part of maintaining harmonious relationships with ourselves as well as with others. Stresses at work, such as long hours, heavy workload, tight deadlines, a lack of autonomy, organisational changes, as well as changes to our own duties, they may compromise our personal boundaries. And as a result our ability to reach our goals and intended outcomes. Of course not all of these are within our control or our our ability to change. But having clear boundaries, may set us up, may equip us better, to handle these changes, both at work and at home. So that we can really be there for the people that we love. It can also help to steer us clear of overwhelm, and remain centered in our own integrity. So that we are able to cope and adapt, to reach our goals and the outcomes that we so desire. 

By strengthening our meridians then, we can support our personal boundaries. With spleen’s, clear-mindedness, triple heater to settle our nervousness, and pericardium to guard our heart. So that ultimately we are more likely to reach our desired outcomes this year. 

Fire and earth elements can play a crucial role in maintaining our balance and harmony within our bodies. So from the wisdom of TCM we can tap into these elements to mitigate the challenges of goal setting, and foster connection with our values, soul, and creative essence. 

Triple Warmer Hug to Calm

So that I can help you do that better, here is one exercise that I have grown to love. Donna Eden calls the triple heater, a “triple warmer”, so this is Donna Eden’s Triple Warmer Hug to Calm. In this exercise, simply place your right hand over your bottom ribs, and your left hand onto your elbow. Here at the elbow, we’re tapping into the triple heater. And the ribs touch into the spleen meridian. So we’re actually able to contact both. Take several deep breaths. In and out. And then repeat on the other side. So placing your left hand on your right ribs, and your right hand on your left elbow. Again, tapping into the spleen and triple heater meridian channels. A deep breath, in and out.

So I wish you calm, and strength, and clarity of mind, as you step towards your goals this February.

Thank you for joining me.


Sarah xx


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