In this video, I cover 3 things:

✅   One important difference between someone we see who reaches their health and wellbeing their goals, and someone who doesn’t.

✅    What is the one step often skipped, that is so important?

✅    What are some Questions You Can Ask Yourself?


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And just like that it’s January again. So happy New Year! 

As the weeks go by, I reflect back on the goals that I set back on the 1st of January. Did you set any goals for yourself this January? This new year for 2024? 

I ask because 73% of Australians actually set New Year’s resolutions. More of them are women than men, but that’s for over 14 million Australians who set goals this year, in 2024! 

What’s worrying is not the number of people who set the goals. What’s worrying is that only 8% of them, according to the University of Scranton, only 8% of us are going to actually reach those goals. And by February a whole massive 80% have already quit on their goals. 

So I wanted to reach you before we got to February of this year.

I don’t believe that this is because of a lack of work ethic or even a lack of planning. Most of these people are ambitious, dedicated, and passionate about what they do, and who they are. Maybe you even know one of them. 

So what’s the difference between someone who reaches their goals and someone who doesn’t? We often see people who set health and well-being goals come through our clinic. Whether it’s getting out of pain in their neck, headaches clearing, or clearing pain in their hips so that they can walk easily again. Whatever it is, they set the goal. What happens next? And can we apply this same principle to broader goals that are relevant to our whole life?

Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Gowans, from BlossomingMe and the Healthy Learning Lounge. Here we are a sanctuary, where you can come to tap into, and nurture your journey to well-being, to health, and a positive mindset. To clear the stresses that are stopping you from living your most fulfilling life.

The First Step

Going back to the new year and goal setting, the first step in goal setting is understanding our why. What’s behind it. Starting with why, as Simon Simec says. This is often a step that we skip when we’re trying to set goals. But it’s one of the most important steps in the process. It’s the engine that powers us through, keeps us going when things get tough. When the process of reaching our goals, taking that next step, feels impossible. That’s when our “why”, is most important. That’s when we really dig deep to find that why, and power through anyway. 

So today I want to talk to you about your why. How to tap into it, and why it’s important. A lot of people, when they’re setting goals, they start with the “S” of” smart” goals, which is being specific. 


Don’t be specific!

For decades we’ve been told to begin with being specific, so this is going to surprise many people when I tell you that maybe we don’t want to actually be that specific. Let me explain why. 

See for most of us, when we think about being specific, we think about “who”, ‘how” and “when”. This can lead us to really nice, neat answers. But as Vision Lakhiani, from Mindvalley, tells us, this can keep us locked in the logical side of our mind and that can lead to self-doubt. We start asking ourselves questions, about “how we can do this?” and “can we even do this?”. And it starts to feel too hard, and near impossible before we even start. 

But it’s not the “how, the when, and the who”. It’s not those details that we want to get specific about. It’s the feelings, the emotions, and the outcomes that we want to experience. This is our “why”. Our “what” and our “why”.

Most of us aren’t looking to be, for example healthy, just for the sake of healthy. We want to improve our health, our fitness, and our well-being, in order to get something or to avoid something. Maybe you’re avoiding pain, headaches, and hip pain. Maybe it’s keeping you awake at night. Perhaps you’re looking for something more like travel and adventure. Maybe with your children or your grandchildren. So becoming stronger, becoming more active, this will help you to enjoy that travel and adventure even more. With important people in your life for sure. But it’s going to help you to enjoy that sense of adventure. Again, a feeling. Tapping into that feeling. Maybe you want to feel accomplished, strong, relaxed, or full of energy. More feelings. These are going to give you the results that you’re wanting to achieve. It’s not just simply health for the sake of health. Whatever it is for you, ultimately the emotions connected with the experience, that’s what we’re seeking. Not the “when, who, and how”, of the experience.

Stay general

Many people really find it challenging to be specific about feelings. So being general then, can free us up to focus on our what and our why. And that can help us tap into the creative side of our mind, which is also the feeling side of our mind. And that can energize us then, into action. So it really digs deep, and powers us from the inside.


Are You Setting Goals to Please Others?

Another side benefit of tapping into our why as well as our what, when we’re setting our goals, is it makes sure that our goals are aligned with our values. They’re not to please somebody else. Our boss, our therapist, our parent, even our child. They’re not to please others. They are to please us and fire our fire us up. To get the most out of our lives, and be who we are meant to be. If they’re not important to us, that can lead to “success” that after all the hard work and sacrifice that we put in, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t energise you. And I don’t want that for you. What I want, is for you to feel amazing when you do achieve your goals. 

At A Deeper Level

At a deeper level, if we dig deep and tap into our heart, our soul, or our spirit, we can get clarity about the outcomes that we want to achieve for ourselves. About the feelings that we desire to have in our life for ourselves, and what we want to create. As Vision Lakiani also says, this kind of clarity can lead to deep feelings and emotions.The kind of clarity that leaves you feeling inspired to take action. Like where you should go exactly. What would be good to do, and what action might be good to take. You feel inspired to take that action. You’re not beating yourself up, or doing an action simply because it should be done. You’re inspired from the inside. It might even inspire you to connect with certain people and this can impact our lives more than just in one area, more than just in one role that we play in our life. It can enhance the quality of our whole life.


Some Questions You Can Ask Yourself

Finally, some questions for you to ask yourself, to make sure that the goals that you want to achieve, are in line with your values, and important to you. So that they can impact your life to the full.  If you’re thinking of improving your health for example, think a little deeper.

* What is it that you actually want to change, exactly? 

* Why do you want to change that?

* What feelings is it, that you’re looking to experience? 

* Why, in detail, do you want to achieve this health goal, or this outcome for you, in the first place?

Be as descriptive as you possibly can. The clearer you are about exactly why you want to accomplish this particular outcome, the more likely you are to have the stamina to keep focused when challenges arise, or when your motivation wanes. This can help you to stay the course and help you to get through February and through the rest of the year. To actually achieve and accomplish the goals and outcomes that you want to achieve for yourself in your life. 

So thank you for joining me today. I invite you, if you enjoyed today’s video, to please comment below. Ask any questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Like it, share it with your friends, and join us next time, as we share more gems with you on your journey to wellbeing. Till then, we wish you a wonderful, happy, and healthy New Year.


Sarah xx


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