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✅   Key signs to help you uncover chronic stress and small-t trauma in your body

✅   Key signs of saftey in your body

✅.  A few things you can do to release tension in your body, so you can feel safer, calmer, and more relaxed.


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Aches and pains can be an indication of an imbalance in the energy systems in our body. So can emotions, and struggles, in our daily lives. Understanding this can help us bridge that gap between our mind and body. Enabling our energy to flow more easily and freely, as well as efficiently, through our whole body. So that we can unlock a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

We’re all made up of energy channels that travel different pathways through our body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these pathways are called the meridian channels. There are 12 main meridian channels, and they’re all interconnected. Sometimes they can have imbalances, and that can affect the energy flow. Whether it’s too much energy, or not enough. 

We function best when our meridian channels are in balance. Then they’re in flow, and our energy is flowing smoothly, and easily, our Chi, our life force, within our body. When we have this flow, it also has the potential for transformation, in our body and our mind. 

Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Gowns, massage and cranio-sacral therapist at BlossomingMe, and the Healthy Learning Lounge. Here we are a sanctuary where you can come to nurture your journey to health and well-being, as well as a positive mindset. To clear the stresses stopping you from living your most fulfilling life. 

The Crucial Role Our Meridan Channels Play, in Our Well-being

So here is what I want to share with you today. Our meridian channels play a crucial role in maintaining our overall well-being. When they’re imbalanced, our energy can get stuck and our health compromised. But when they’re in flow, when they’re balanced, they contribute to our physical and mental health and well-being. 

Our Fire Element Meridians and the Season of Summer

Here in the southern hemisphere, we’re in summer. So today’s focus is on our fire meridians which are connected to the season of summer. That’s the heart meridian, the pericardium, the small intestine, and the triple heater. So four Meridian channels in this element of fire. When these elements are balanced we can tune into our passion and our love of life. When they’re not we can get stuck in the emotion of hate. This can also lead, as I alluded to before, to health issues. So balancing our fire Meridian channels can unlock a seamless connection between our mind and our body. 

Let me explain further.

Our Heart Meridian

We can rediscover joy and vitality when our heart meridian is balanced. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our heart is considered the Emperor of our body and mind system. It’s responsible not just for our circulation, but also for housing our Shen. Which is our mind, our spirit, or you might call it your soul. So as you can imagine, this is all about feeling love, feeling passion, getting excited about life. And when our heart meridian is well balanced, that happens for us. When it’s not, it can lead to issues like insomnia, anxiety, and even heart palpitations. However, when it’s functioning well, that can contribute to our mental clarity, sound sleep, and a deep sense of joy and vibrancy. 

Our Small Intestine Meridian

Are you struggling with decisions? Getting clarity around making decisions. We can enhance that with our small intestine meridian. It’s responsible for the absorption of nutrients in our body physically, and energetically, and the distribution of these nutrients. An imbalance here can lead to digestive problems, abdominal pain, and back pain. It can also lead to things like scattered thoughts. Making decisions then becomes really difficult, and that can create a sense of overwhelm as well. When flowing smoothly, we can get more nourishment from the food that we eat, and we can enhance our health and well-being that way. It can also enhance our mental clarity and discernment, enabling us to make better decisions, with better judgment.

Our Pericardium Meridian

We can boost the strength of our emotional self, and face life’s challenges with more resilience when we have a balanced pericardium meridian. The pericardium is the heart’s protector, and it safeguards our heart’s energy. Imbalances here can be felt as shoulder pain, chest pain, and also palpitations. It can also manifest emotionally, in things like emotional sensitivity, social withdrawal, and difficulties in forming connections, particularly meaningful connections with other people. When it’s well balanced we can foster our emotional resilience, and have healthier relationships, as well as a sense of security. And this can enhance our overall well-being, as you can imagine.

Our Triple Heater Meridian

Is brain fog bothering you? We can get mental clarity, as well as a metabolism that rocks, with a balanced triple heater meridian channel. The triple heater is in charge of three sections of our body, upper, middle, and lower. That affects then, our respiration, or breathing, our digestion, and our elimination. Ensuring our internal organs function well, individually, and overall, is a responsibility of our triple heater. When it’s imbalanced though, that can lead to disruptions in our temperature regulation, we can feel excessively hot, or cold. And it can also disrupt our metabolism, and digestion, causing problems there. Emotionally, it can create issues like feeling out of sync with other people, and difficulty adapting to change, as well. But when our triple heater is well balanced, that can ensure that our body is well regulated, both in temperature and as a functioning, whole system. That can create then, a metabolism that really rocks, and a sense of overall wellbeing for us, as well as the ability to connect really well, in healthy relationships, and connections with other people. 


Ways that we can support our fire element meridian channels during summer. 

Heart Meridian

So with our heart meridian, we want to engage in activities that really light you up bring joy and laughter to you, personally. Practices like meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises, can also help calm your mind, and support your heart health as well. 

Small Intestine Meridian

The small intestine meridian supports that by simply drinking things like calming herbal teas that can also aid in our digestion. Things like chamomile and peppermint, in particular. 

Pericardium Meridian

The pericardium meridian, how do we support that? Spending time with positive people, and positive relationships, that really make you feel good. We can also support it with activities that you enjoy, that bring you emotional fulfillment, that really light you up and make you feel good. Practices that incorporate our body-mind connection, like Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong, they can also help us to balance the pericardium meridian. And mindful practices, self-reflection, that can help build emotional resilience as well. 

Triple Heater Meridian

The triple heater meridian, we can support that by physically staying active. That can promote circulation, and balance, throughout our whole body systems. Outdoor activities such as swimming, and brisk walks can be really nurturing for our triple heater meridian. Hydration is also important, and that can help to support our temperature regulation, as well as our metabolic balance. So understanding and nurturing the balance of our TCM fire meridians, during the season of summer, that can significantly enhance both our physical, and emotional-mental health as well. This then supports our body-mind connection, helping us to bridge that gap. So that we can unlock an even more harmonious, and joy-filled life.

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Sarah xx

Author: Sarah Gowans

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