If low energy is something that you deal with… then understanding your rib cage and how to improve its function is important. While energy is a big and compex topic, one which I am passionate about, posture, connective tissue tension and rib cage function is a small but essential part. And if you suffer from fatigue, low energy and tiredness, working with this one area could make a big impact in your life… without having to expend much energy to create that change!

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Feeling short on energy? Well you’re not alone!

This is a complex topic but in part three of our four-part series on the rib cage and how it’s vital for great health, we’re focusing on the relationship between your rib cage and your energy levels. In just a few minutes you’ll learn some practical tips to boost your vitality naturally and sustainably.

Welcome to BlossomingMe’s Healthy Learning Lounge, I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath. Ever wondered why some days you feel invincible, bursting with energy, while other days you struggle to have the energy to move, to think, and to function?

You probably know it’s not just about sleep, but did you know that your rib cage has a role in managing your energy levels? So let’s look at how optimizing the movement of your rib cage can elevate your vitality naturally.

The rib cage and oxygenation

So your rib cage isn’t just a structure to protect your heart and lungs or to give you shape. it’s a gateway for oxygen, the fuel of life. When you breathe deeply, your rib cage expands, allowing more oxygen to enter your lungs and Infuse every cell of your body. Without enough oxygen in your cells, your mitochondria cannot make enough ATP, the energy currency of our body!

Oxygen is the most limiting and fundamental component required for energy production in the human body ,so without enough, we struggle. We need a high blood oxygen saturation for our bodies to stay alive that’s why in hospitals it’s constantly measured, and of course without any we suffer – tissue damage, tissue death, loss of brain function, and …death in as little as a few minutes.

The Rib Cage, Diaphragm and the Lymphatic System

When your rib cage functions well and your diaphragm maintains a strong deep belly breath, this also alters the pressure of the abdominal and thoracic cavities. This change in pressure assists the air to enter your lungs, as I mentioned last time. But it also is a major driver for the pumping of lymphatic fluid around your body!

Lymphatic fluid and its movement is essential for a well functioning immune system; for healthy cells, by ensuring that they’re not bathed in an environment full of toxins; and for detoxification. And as the lymphatic system has no pump or muscle action of its own it relies on the movement of the body and specifically the diaphragm and breathing, to function.

Now if your lymphatics are not functioning at full capacity you may be holding more fluid in your limbs especially your legs and your feet than is optimal and this can create a heaviness and reduce your ability to move your limbs comfortably and freely. And this means that you use more energy just to move. So now you have reduced energy production inside each cell, plus increased demand for energy to allow for movement!

Now let’s take a look at your posture.

If your rib cage is tight and less than mobile it causes your thoracic vertebrae to either straighten and compress or to increase their forward curve. In either case it alters the mobility of your spinal column.

Now when you stand and walk, although you don’t feel it, your spinal column acts as a shock absorber. So that when you move it creates a sort of spring effect. And this allows energy, created from the toe off movement of your foot, to be propelled, throughout your body. Aiding an ease of forward motion.

And when it’s not happening optimally, we require more strength and more energy to activate and move our muscles in order to propel us forward. This therefore takes more energy away from our other internal functions leaving us feeling exhausted! This is further exacerbated if we have any areas of the body that are injured; and not moving correctly due to prolonged habitual poor posture, poor work ergonomics, poor movement patterns. With each small area of the body that is not functioning correctly this adds a greater energy requirement, for movement to occur, literally increasing your energy expenditure on movement and walking by double triple and more. No wonder it’s exhausting just walking from the car, or up a few stairs when you have a sore knee, or toe, or back, for example!

So to take this idea a little further, when your rib cage and spine are sitting in their correct position and have good posture, standing and sitting requires minimal energy usage. This means that you should feel comfortable in whatever position that you need to hold, for long periods of time – without muscle strain, discomfort, aches, or getting tired. And if it takes you effort to stand or sit straight, or you can only maintain this for a short time, or maybe it gets sore and painful – then the tension in your connective tissues is too high and your energy usage is more than it should be!

By balancing your muscles and your fascia and improving the movement of the joints especially of your vertebrae and your rib cage you will be more able to sit and stand straight comfortably, and maintain that posture, and improve your energy levels!

So if you’d like to learn more, I’ve created a short video series taking you through a little bit more about the anatomy of the rib cage, some breathing exercises, a handful of techniques that help you to improve your thoracic and rib cage and spine function. Supporting improved posture and switching on your vagus, parasympathetic nervous system, as well as some myofascial tools and their associated routines which can also be used to improve all of this. Allowing you to improve your breathing, posture, shoulder & neck function, and stress levels.

If this sounds helpful, click the link below.

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