If you suffer from brain fog, reduced ability to focus or think clearly or you have decision fatigue – an inability to make even the smallest decision… Learn more about how your rib cage could be involved. What would it do in your life, if your brain fog was (in part) from your rib cage, and you could improve the function of your rib cage? 

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Do you suffer from overwhelm brain fog and difficulty making decisions? Join me as I discuss the role that your rib cage has on all of this and more.

Welcome to blossoming me’s Healthy Learning Lounge, I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath and today we continue our fpur part deep dive into the rib cage and how its function is crucial for health.

In this series we’ll uncover the secrets to boosting your energy levels, improving your mood, enhancing brain function, and supporting your posture. In our previous video we explored how the rib cage influences our breathing and stress levels, now let’s uncover its profound impact on the central nervous system, mood, memory, decision- making and cognitive function. Understanding this link can transform the way that you approach your mental and emotional well-being as well as understanding how the body is interconnected and the ways in which supporting the movement and functioning of your rib cage affects your life and your health in such a myriad of ways. So get comfy with with your favorite beverage and let’s begin.

First let’s talk about your central nervous system the command center of your body. It’s responsible for everything you do, think, and feel. The rib cage is our silent ally, it plays a significant role here.

When it expands and contracts fully slowly and rhythmically with each breath, it inhibits the signals from the sympathetic chain from reaching the brain and activates our parasympathetic nervous system sending powerful signals to the brain letting it know that everything is okay.

This affects our neural Pathways and thought processes. Have you ever noticed how your mood can shift when you take a few moments to breathe deeply? That’s the rib cage and the vagus nerve, function at work!

Deep mindful breathing stimulates the release of endorphins, those delightful feel-good chemicals in our brain. By engaging our rib cage consciously we can literally alter our brain chemistry uplifting our spirits and improving our outlook on life – turning a cloudy feeling day into a sunny feeling one.

Now when this happens the blood flow to your brain is optimized and this is essential for cognitive function: our ability to think, to learn, to remember, and to process information, our ability to reason, to make logical choices, and to make decisions, as well as our ability to actually focus!

When our parasympathetic nervous system is switched on and our vagus nerve is active, our rib cage has to be functioning well to allow the oxygen to move to our brain and this is all enhanced. The oxygen boosts and sharpens our focus and improves our memory plus our overall cognitive ability and the vagus nerve activates your feel-good neurotransmitters allowing a greater sense of ease and more positive outlook on life, and this gives the brain a refreshing boost of energy.

Have you noticed that when you’re overwhelmed or frazzled it’s hard to keep one thought, hard to muddle your way through or out of a situation, hard to stay positive and hard to make even a simple decision, like say what to cook for dinner ?!

Have you also noticed that if you can distract yourself from your responsibilities and take some time out, often a thought occurs to you or an answer appears and this is because you’ve allowed a space for your Parasympathetic nervous system to activate either by stretching and allowing your rib cage inadvertently to move better and improving your ability to breathe, or by say taking a walk which activates more movement of the rib cage and deep breathing, or by directly focusing on something else that’s less triggering, which indirectly allows you to breathe more easily again – and by not hindering your parasympathetic nervous system, allows it to function and create an answer.

Now the functioning of your rib cage is affected by shoulder restrictions, neck restrictions, shallow breathing and stress, poor posture, and Rib dysfunction. So focusing on ways to improve your mobility of your rib cage and practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing regularly can positively impact your posture, your shoulder and neck mobility and comfort, stress levels, oxygen saturation – and therefore complete cellular function, and improve your mood and your ability to make decisions and all of your cognitive processes – learning, recall, memory, clarity, focus, productivity, and as an added bonus it increases your ability to cope, reduces your stress sensations and overwhelm, and optimizes your digestion.

So if you’d like to learn more, I’ve created a short video series taking you through a little more about this anatomy of the rib cage, some breathing exercises, a few techniques that help to improve your rib cage function and switch on your vagus and parasympathetic system, and some myofascial tools and their associated routines which you can use daily or a couple times a week to improve all of this. Allowing you to improve your breathing, your posture, your shoulder and neck function, as well as your stress levels.

So if you’d like to find out more about this mini course click the link below!

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