In this video, I cover 3 tips to help you have more clarity, courage, and confidence for the next challenge in your life.

✅ Gallbladder 20 acupressure point

✅ Liver 3 acupressure point

✅ Gallbladder Meridian Flush


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Hi friend,

Whether it’s spring that has you leaping forward in courage, or just your exams, clearing and balancing your liver and gallbladder meridian channels can help. 

Hi, I’m Sarah Gowans. Massage and Cranio-Sacral therapist at BlossomingMe. In this short video, I’ll share some ideas with you that you can use to balance your liver and gallbladder meridian channels so that you can clear your mental and emotional clutter, increase your mental clarity, decision-making ability, your courage, and your self-confidence. 

Because a calm focused mind can better absorb and process information and your mental clarity and emotional stability go hand in hand with that, then creating a calm, mind-clearing, and balancing your liver and gallbladder meridian channels, can be helpful.


The Gallbladder Meridian:

The Gallbladder meridian is connected with decision-making and courage. Making it instrumental in boosting confidence and focus. While the Liver meridian plays a key role in regulating your energy and your emotions. That can improve your emotional stability, your mental clarity, and enhance your concentration. Helping you make clear decisions, calming your mind, alleviating stress, and reducing any anxiety.

Gallbladder Meridian Self-Massage:

One thing you can do is the gallbladder meridian self-massage. This can enhance your decision-making and your courage. When you get a tough question in an in an exam, this can be a thing that you can do right then and there, to boost your confidence. Knowing that you actually have the information to actually get through this tough question in your exam. 

So, massaging from your temple all the way down to in front of your ears all the way down, following your skull, the bottom of your head, down to what we call “gallbladder 20”. 

That’s located on both sides of the spine, just where your neck meets your skull, at the top of the neck, on either side of the tendons, connected to the trapezius muscle that runs down from there. 

Liver 3 Acupressure Point:

Another thing you can do is Liver 3. The liver 3 acupressure point self-massage. This can help to clear the energy flow and balance your emotions because the liver regulates your emotions. 

So, the spot on the top of your foot, right here, where the second toe and the first toe meet, right back here, is liver 3. Do you see that angle there? That’s where you’re working where those bones meet, between the two toes in that depression there. That’s liver 3. Massaging there, while you give yourself a foot massage, can be really powerful. That can help to destress you, because you’re giving yourself a massage, and to clear any emotional stress that you might be suffering.

Liver 3 acupressure point

The Gallbladder Meridian Flush:

And the third thing that you can do, is a mindfulness exercise. It’s an exercise where you’re visualizing the gallbladder meridian channel, and tracing it with your mind. You can trace it with your fingers as I’m about to do as well. But that will help get the energy flowing easily and smoothly through the length of this meridian channel. So that you can feel stronger, more courageous, and have more belief in yourself. The Gallbladder visualization exercise is an imagination exercise. It’s about imagining the energy flowing easily, and smoothly through the length of this meridian channel. So I’ll run that through with you, and I’ll leave a diagram in the blog as well so that you can follow it for yourself. 

So we start at the corner of the eyes, move out to the ears, go around the ears, come back to the top of the hairline, and come back down back, down the back of the head, down the neck to the shoulders, around the shoulders, out to the rib cage, back to the hips. My pussycat wants to join the party. Let me show you that last bit again. So it comes down the back to the hip, from the hip we go down the side of the leg, down the calf, around the front of the ankle, and to the second to last toe. 

The Gallbladder Meridian Channel

So there you have a gallbladder run, and that can help diminishing your frustration and anger, optimising your physical well-being, increasing your clarity, your confidence, and your courage.


And so …

So balancing your liver and gallbladder meridian channels can enable you to embark on exams, and other life challenges, with a profound sense of calm self-assurance. Knowing that you’re ready, equipped for success.

Thank you for joining me today. If you did find this useful please comment below. Like it, share it. And join us next time when we delve into other topics around supporting your mind and body.

Till then, thanks again.


Sarah xx


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