If you suffer from long term or chronic pain, understanding how beneficial curcumin is for your pain and inflammation is exciting. The power of natural supplements such as curcumin on the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions ought to be considered.

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If inflammation or chronic pain are things you live with… watch on as I explore the many ways in which an active ingredient in Turmeric can help.

Curcumin, is what scientists believe to be the active component of Turmeric, a much loved yellow spice that might just become your favourite hero. It is a potent anti-inflammatory compound that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

So why is curcumin worth paying attention to?  Picture this: You’re dealing with an injury, perhaps a sprained ankle or a sore muscle. What happens? Your body goes into the inflammatory phase of healing to help protect the area, fight any infection and begin to remove damaged tissue.

Now, inflammation is most definitely essential for recovery, but when the inflammation doesn’t settle it can lead to prolonged pain, slow down the healing process and even create more damage. This is where curcumin comes into play. Curcumin is a little like a firefighter for the fire of prolonged inflammation. It helps to reduce the pro-inflammatory mediators that drive inflammation, allowing the area to cool down.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting – curcumin doesn’t just mediate and control inflammation. It’s also a champion when it comes to tissue healing. Imagine you are now healing from that bad ankle sprain, torn muscle, disc injury or even a surgery, and your body needs to repair the surgical site. Curcumin promotes tissue regeneration and at the same time, reduces oxidative stress that can occur due to all the metabolites from removing dead cells and actively creating new ones. This is doubly helpful because a build up of oxidative stress can damage the new cells, leading to inferior tissue formation and it can slow healing.

Now, this is all specifically important for chronic pain. Conditions like arthritis, for instance, often involve ongoing possible mild inflammation and discomfort as well as flare ups where there is more intense inflammation and pain. Curcumin can be a game-changer here as well.

Studies have shown that curcumin supplements may help reduce the pain associated with chronic conditions like arthritis. It is generally considered safe, is well tolerated by most and can reduce pain, reduce inflammation, assist tissue healing AND, especially together with MSM can improve joint health and function… if you have chronic pain, from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, a previous injury that has become neuropathic pain or even conditions like fibromyalgia, curcumin could be a great addition to your management strategy.

And if you want to support an injury to heal as fast as possible and to reduce your inflammation and pain, curcumin can be amazing for short term use too.

And the bonus, curcumin is great to support the reduction of systemic inflammation, so it can assist in the management or even prevention of chronic conditions affecting the heart and brain and more.

Just a side note, Turmeric and curcumin are quickly metabolised by the liver and thus, to be therapeutic require certain combinations to make them more able to be absorbed to where they are helpful. This means that when eating turmeric regularly, as a cheap way to support your health, you want to have it in food with fats and black pepper… remember that this way you are only getting small amounts, but if it is regular, it can be a great way to support your general health. When looking at supplements, you want to go for a reputable brand, and one that has a patented way to improve bioavailability. Plus, while looking at the dosage of the curcumin is important, it is the bioavailable amount of the product that is important.

So, now you know why curcumin, is so beneficial for pain, injury and chronic pain, with its inflammation-fighting, tissue-healing, and pain-relieving properties that nature has gifted us. It’s a versatile and powerful ally in your health journey.

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So if you have an injury, are healing, post operatively, have a chronic pain condition, or persistent inflammation it is worth trying the natural healing power of of curcumin . If you want to improve your general health, improve or protect your brain and heart or deal with chronic pain, curcumin could be your new best friend.