Are you struggling to focus and concentrate on your exam study? Could neck pain be your problem? Then this is for you.

This video is to help you relieve your neck pain, and increase your focus and concentration for your exam studying, by tweaking your study habits,

In the video, we cover 3 tips:

  1. Good posture
  2. Taking regular breaks
  3. Proper hydration and nutrition


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Prevention and Holistic Management Strategies:

Proper Posture

Good posture can alleviate your neck pain by reducing strain on your muscles and ligaments. Resources such as adjustable chairs, desks, laptops, and stands, even monitors. These can be really useful to set yourself up well ergonomically, to support your good healthy posture. Further, you can support your posture by leaving your desk. Actually getting away from it. For a good night’s sleep, [and] taking regular study breaks. These can form the heart of healthy study habits.

yoga class

Taking Regular Breaks

Regular breaks can help prevent [your] pain from escalating, they can reduce your stress, [and] improve your concentration, in just a few minutes.

During Your Short Breaks

Movement [breaks] for example not only strengthens your muscles, but also can produce endorphins that reduce your pain, and improve your mood.

Mindfulness [moments] can reduce your stress, improve your memory, and your attention, as well as your focus. [While] power poses, combine movement and mindset. They reduce your stress and self-doubt, and they can increase your self-belief and your confidence. Setting you up for a great attitude, for your exams more on this in a later talk.


Good Hydration and Nutrition

You know drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient dense healthy foods, can provide essential food for your body and your brain. Drinking plenty of water can ease muscle tension, cramps, and stiffness in your neck. That can relieve your pain and discomfort. 

And a balanced diet of course. One that’s rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like calcium and magnesium that can support your overall health. In particular helping your nerves and muscles to settle, to relax, and to function well. 

Including specific nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and antioxidants found in berries, fruits, and vegetables. They can help reduce your inflammation, supporting your overall muscle and soft tissue health, and that can reduce your existing neck pain, and the risk of it recurring.

Proper hydration and nutrition can also support good circulation, your blood flow to your brain. Fostering good oxygen [and] nutrient supply. That’s really important for [your] optimal cognitive function and concentration. Additionally, a healthy balanced diet can help prevent energy crashes, which often happen when you have sugary processed foods. That supports you to keep your energy levels consistent.

Finally, specific foods like the omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, that I mentioned before, can be really effective in helping to enhance your cognitive functionality. Your memory and your ability to concentrate.


And Lastly

Professional help of course, if your neck pain persists despite your self-care efforts, please seek professional help. Whether massage therapy osteopathic, chiropractic care, or physiotherapy, these professionals can provide diagnosis and treatment options to address your neck pain and its related issues, specifically for you.

So remember a pain-free neck is not just a luxury, it’s a fundamental requirement for your academic success. Taking proactive steps, for a healthy study habit, can pave your way to improve focus and concentration, that’s crucial for your study success.

Thanks for joining me today. If you did find this useful please comment below, like it, share it and join me next time, as we delve deeper into why it’s important to take regular breaks. Why they’re not just about having a breather, but they’re actually an opportunity to ease your neck pain and, strategically enhance your concentration, through your focused study period.

Till then thanks again. 


Sarah xx


PS. To help you even more, I’ve just writien a Healthy Study Habits Cheat Sheet, to help you stay focused and full of energy, as you concentrate on your studies!

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