If you suffer from Stress, Anxiety or Chronic Pain… could learning how to activate your Vagus Nerve be a game changer? Have you ever heard of the Vagus nerve and wondered what it did or why it was important? Did you know that the Vagus nerve is a KEY component in your stress response as well as muscle relaxation, pain intensity and activating areas of the brain that relate to pain perception and determining if you need to be worried… which ultimately can increase or decrease the intensity of YOUR pain? Watch or read on, if you’d like to understand a little more about how the vagus nerve can help you with YOUR pain.

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Hey there friends. Is pain something you struggle with? Did you know that the body has its very own pain manager? 🌟 Today I’m delving into the world of the vagus nerve and how it can assist in reducing YOUR pain, naturally,

So, the vagus nerve is a super-long cranial nerve that connects your brain to different systems of your body: immune, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, even your brain, and sends messages between all those systems as well.

First off, the vagus nerve helps control your heart rate and blood pressure. When it’s activated, it’s like telling your heart to take a chill pill, helping you relax and unwind.

But here’s the cool part: it’s not just about the heart. The vagus nerve talks to your brain and spinal cord too. When you’re in pain, it can actually send signals back down to your spinal cord, kind of like turning down the pain volume.

The vagus nerve is like your body’s pain superhero. It reduces pain by:

Sending Calming Signals: telling your brain to release calming chemicals that make pain feel less intense.

Managing Chemicals: controlling their release, allowing the calming down of pain signals all the along their path, – in the brain to reduce brain pain perception as well as in the spinal cord and locally…this also reduces the hypersensitivity and central sensitisation that can occur once chronic pain developes..

It Reduces Swelling: by releasing special molecules that help reduce swelling and pain.

It is thought that it is involved in closing the pain gate, in the gate control theory of pain in your spinal cord, making it harder for pain signals to get through.

It Calms Stress: triggering a relaxation response that can reduce both stress and pain, as well as improve circulation and therefore healing.

And Talking to Your Brain: chatting with important parts of your brain that deal with pain, altering perception and therefore intensity of pain.

So, the vagus nerve is like your body’s natural pain manager, using these smart tricks to make pain feel better. Cool, right? 🌟

And because of all this, it is being explored as a way to help sufferers of chronic pain

What’s extra cool, is that just taking a deep breath can help you stimulate the vagus nerve and its pain-reducing effects. You may be familiar with the concept that deep breathing can help you relax?
Well, due to the connection of the parasympathetic nervous system, which the vagus nerve controls and the rib cage, which is obviously involved in breathing… deep, diaphragmatic breathing not only helps you de-stress, but helps keep pain at bay and even assists you to cope better with pain

Now, sometimes the vagus nerve needs a little boost. That’s where vagus nerve stimulation comes in. It’s like a friendly nudge to help it do its pain-fighting job even better. But you don’t need a nerve stimulation device to help stimulate the vagus nerve. There are many things you can do to stimulate your own vagus nerve – Pretty cool, right?

So, whether you’re doing yoga, meditating, or just chilling out, you’re giving your vagus nerve a, sometimes much-needed boost. Plus physical techniques can be used by therapists to help increase circulation, reduce swelling and pain, relax muscles AND activate the vagus nerve – to further help you with your pain!

So if you suffer chronic pain or know that you get stressed or anxious easily, make sure you remember to breathe deeply!

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