Tips to help relieve frustration and irritation

Could Spring be affecting you?

Are you feeling totally frustrated or irritated?

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re suffering on your own, or that you have gone crazy?

Then this is for you.

It’s a free video, that may support you through what can be, a tough season of transition – spring.

In the video we cover 3 tips:

  1. Why are we prone to high levels of frustration and irritation right now?
  2. What power does balancing our liver and gallbladder meridian channels give us?
  3. How physical therapies may help you find your flow.

Rather read the blog?

Here it is…

The Springtime Symphony of the Meridians

In TCM, the meridian channels are the pathways through which [your] vital energy, or chi, flows within your body. The gallbladder meridian is responsible for [your] decision making and ability to take action. It governs [your] muscles and tendons, allowing you to move smoothly easily and flexibly. While the liver meridian regulates the flow of chi the energy, and your emotions. The gallbladder and liver meridians work together, helping to release emotions or stored, and stagnant energy, so that you can embrace the revitalising and rejuvenating energy of spring. 

The Emotions of Frustration and Anger

The gallbladder’s role in decision-making is clear when you encounter obstacles to your plans and goals. And you may get frustrated by your inability to make decisions, or the feeling of being trapped, [or] constrained by circumstances. In its positive form though, frustration can actually give you pause, encouraging you to re-evaluate our goals, refine your approach, and find new solutions.

Anger, a powerful yet misunderstood emotion, connected to the liver meridian can get the better of us all, when our chi is blocked, either by external factors or internal tension. However, when you acknowledge and channel it constructively, anger can become a catalyst for positive change. Prompting you to confront things you put off for too long, to establish boundaries, and [to] make transformative shifts in your own life. 

Gallbladder Meridian -Meridian-chart-Spring-Irritation-frustration-balance-energy
Springtime hope optimisim-action

Nurturing Balance and Harmony

According to TCM the gallbladder and liver meridians, imbalances can lead to physical and emotional discomfort. Physical therapies such as massage, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and many others may help your body to go through this transition smoothly through the spring season. They can help the body to balance the gallbladder and liver meridians; support your muscles, ligaments and tendons; settle your nervous system, and address the emotions of frustration and anger. To enhance your overall sense of well-being and helping you to step into your flow, moving forwards, towards your personal vision, with vitality and optimism.

In Conclusion

The gallbladder and liver meridians are intertwined with the emotions of frustration and anger, they guide you through this transformation period, by acknowledging and embracing your emotions. You can harness their energy to propel you forwards towards positive change and personal growth. Just as nature sheds its old layers to embrace the new, we too can release the weight of the past, and step forward into the light of a new season.

Thank you for joining me today. We wish you good health and vibrant energy.  And we look forward to seeing you next time, here at the BlossomingMe channel.

Thank you.


Sarah xx


Author: Sarah Gowans

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