Are you suffering from pain and tightness in your shoulder? Suffering from arthritis-related pain? Then this is for you.

In this video, I discuss 3 things you can do at home, to help relieve your shoulder pain.

In the video we cover 3 tips:

  1. Using cold, and warmth
  2. Rest and relaxation
  3. One specific, easy-reach acupressure point


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Woman relaxing on beach

Rest and Relaxation

Another thing that you can do at home, is relaxation. And you know oh my goodness even the medical system is seeing just how powerful that can be. So you can boost your ability to cope with the pain, by doing some relaxation. Whether that’s meditation, whether that’s going for a walk, whether that’s sitting somewhere in nature. Whatever relaxation is for you, it can help your body to settle, to de-stress, and help that whole emotional havoc that’s going on because of the pain. It can help your body cope with all of that. Many professionals are now starting to see the light around relaxation techniques, things like meditation, and mindfulness practices. All of these things can be really useful to help your body cope with the pressures and challenges of arthritis pain. Particularly in that shoulder area.

yoga class

Even the American Journal of Psychiatry is seeing how powerful meditation can be. It states that these days, it is “highly recommended” as a non-pharmacological type strategy, to help people cope when they’re struggling with arthritic pain. So if you don’t know too much yet about meditation, mindfulness techniques, or other relaxation strategies, then keep watching this channel. And also you might choose to go and watch or participate in a class, whether that’s a yoga class, a pilates class, or a tai chi class, all of these gentle exercises also have an aspect of meditation and mindfulness. They can be really powerful in helping you to create a situation for your body to relieve the stress, anxiety, and other emotions that can come into play when your body is facing pain so often and so intensely.

Gallbladder 21 point and palm resting area

The Gallbladder 21 Acupressure Point

Another thing that you can do is some self-massage. And today I’m going to talk to you about the gallbladder 21 acupressure point. It’s halfway along the shoulders, between the acromion at the tip of the shoulder, and your neck. [Picture an] imaginary a line, and it’s halfway along that line. And if you rest your middle finger, I’m not trying to be rude here. If you rest that [your middle finger] in the middle point of that line, right at the height point of your shoulder, you will find that your palm area rests nice and neatly just in the dip at the bottom of your collarbone there, your clavicle. So this is the Gallbladder 21 point.

When your shoulder starts to aches, try resting your hand over the top and in front of your shoulder

Also, when you’re pressing on that gallbladder 21 point, you want to have your palm, in the dip in the collarbone. So that will touch on muscles including your pectoral (pec) muscles major and minor, that are here in the front of your chest. If your hand is big enough to touch towards the edge of your shoulder, that will also touch the deltoid muscle. That can be tight and cause plenty of pain. And of course, there’s the trapezius muscle that comes in [to the top] from the back. And you’ll be touching the front portion of that muscle by having your fingertips here over your shoulder. And finally, you may also be touching the sternocleidomastoid muscle, right towards the edge of the neck. So if your hand is big enough, or [if not] move your hand [along] from the edge of your shoulder, to closer to your neck, and you’ll reach all of these muscle areas.

You don’t need too much pressure, as this area can be very tender. So a gentle squeeze, and a calm hold, as you breathe in and out. If you’re wanting more of an effect, do it more often, rather than applying more pressure.

Thank you for joining us today. We wish you good health and vibrant energy, as you use these hints and tips to help improve your health. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Bye for now. 


Sarah xx


Author: Sarah Gowans

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