Are you feeling the winter cold, and suffering from pain and tightness in your lower back? Then this is for you.

In this video, I discuss the winter cold, … “Brrrr”

  • Which two areas often require special attention during winter?
  • What issues can come up, when they are out of balance?
  • Which couple of acupoints can you use to:
    • ease pain and tightness in your lower back?
    • warm and restore your kidney energy, and Adrenals?


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proactive action to improve wellbeing

A meridian brush can really help to shift your energy and help it flow.

Your kidney meridian starts at the bottom of your foot, where the ball of your foot is. On the inner corner of that ball of your foot. You could imagine that you’ve got a little kidney shape in the ball of your foot and in the center of that little kidney shape that’s the Kidney One acupressure point. Where you start. Then you come around the foot, you go up the inner side of the leg past the knee and into the groin. It comes up through the chest, along the inside edge of your ribs and sternum, and up to the collarbone. Both sides of the body, from the bottom of the foot all the way up through the chest and up to the collarbones.

The bladder meridian starts up in the inside corner of your eyes, and goes up, over your forehead, down the back of your head, your neck, all the way down your back, down both sides of the spine, down both of your legs, around the back of your ankle, and out through your little toe.

You can brush these meridian channels with either your hand or a body brush. 

Brushing can help support and clear the energies that are stuck in the kidney and the bladder meridian channels.

Bladder 23

Acupressure point Bladder 23, can help to create a really deep warmth in your body and restore your kidney energy. That’s your life force energy. Your Chi, as they call it in traditional Chinese medicine.

Rub the bottom of your lower back, you will hit bladder 23. It’s at your waist level and it’s about two finger widths from your spine, on each side. So if you rub that with the palm of your hand, get that really nice and warm, that will be supporting your body, helping the kidney and the bladder meridian energies. This can also help promote your body’s self-healing ability, like your immune system and general good health.So really good thing to do to promote those energies through winter, to help keep away those colds and flu.

Another acupressure point that you might like to press particularly when you’re having a bath, or a foot bath or through winter, even through your socks, it will work just fine. The first kidney spot that I was talking about a moment ago, Kidney One. Imagine that kidney bean shape, in the bottom of your foot, across the ball of your feet. In the middle of that kidney bean shape, that’s Kidney One. So, it’s at the top of the ball of the big toe, on the inner corner that’s kidney one.

Kidney One can help to clear your mind, and tonify your Chi, increasing the energy level in your body. It can help with headaches and with dizziness as well.

Kidney 1
Kidney 3

And finally, Kidney Three. In the ankle between your ankle bone, on the inside, and your Achilles tendon, at the back of your heel. In the middle, there is a little dimple, and that dimple is kidney 3. Be careful, it may be tender. Give it a nice, gentle massage, around in circles. 

Kidney Three can help with your body’s self-healing. Promoting the immune system, really supporting that. It can also help increase your focus and your concentration.

So if you’re having trouble, there are some things that you can do, to support your body, strengthen your immune system and cope with the coldness, and tap into the wisdom of the season of winter.

We wish you a cozy, warm, and quiet winter season, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a fabulous week! 


Sarah xx


Author: Sarah Gowans

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