It’s Autumn, and the festivals of Easter and Passover coming up too. At this time of year, many people do a thorough “spring” cleaning. And it becomes a focused time to release things from our home, office and our life.

We can do the same with our bodies!

Autumn is also a great time to release the tightness f our bodies. To ease our aches and pains and other issues.

Watch this video to hear about 2 acupressure points you can use to help shift your energy, to start helping your aches and pains to release.

Rather read the transcript of the interview on Revitalise and Renu?

Here it is…

Fiona: Welcome back to Alive 90.5. We’ve been talking about massage with our beautiful guest, Sarah Gowans. We just listened to that song, which is about depression and the blues, because, you don’t just do massage, you also do acupressure, correct? 

Sarah: As part of the massage treatment that I do, yes, acupressure is one of the tools I have, correct.

Fiona: Can you tell our audience a little bit about what acupressure is, and how it can help, in massage, but also how it can help factors around depression or sadness?

Sarah: Beautiful question Fiona! 

So acupressure, like acupuncture is based on the Meridian channels in Traditional Chinese medicine. Rather than using needles in acupuncture, acupressure is just using finger pressure. So it’s the sort of thing that you can even do on your own body. 

Each of the meridian channels are associated with certain emotions. So kidney and bladder meridians, for example, are about fear. 

While the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are about the emotion of grief and the energy of releasing. So they are great to use especially if you’re either trying to spring clean, or if you’re trying to spring clean your body. Particularly when it’s in its element, and that’s in the season of Autumn.

Fiona: Tell me a bit more. When you say spring cleaning, what do you mean? Because obviously, you’re talking about spring cleaning negative emotions out of the body.

Sarah: Yes, you can release lots of things and it’s a great time to physically spring clean your house, just as much as you’re spring cleaning yourself. And in Chinese medicine, the best time to do that, to release stuff is actually Autumn rather than spring. Just to have it a little backward. But, yes, it can be really powerful to clear out and just let go of things that you no longer need, correct.

Fiona: Yes okay. That’s very good, very good. 

And so let’s have a look at this acupressure. Obviously, we were talking earlier in the other session, about self-care. Is there any acupressure that you can show me, that I could do, or you could help me do, now, on the radio? One that I can use on a particular Meridian?

Sarah: Absolutely, yes! We have a few things that we can do. After today’s show, I can send you a picture and if you’d like. You can even pop it on your Facebook page so that your listeners can see to it as well. 

Fiona: Okay, so talk me through it so we can verbally tell the audience what we’re doing.

Sarah: Perfect! Excellent. 

So on your pointer finger, on the side of the nail, at the base of the nail bed, on the thumb side of your pointer finger, that is a Large Intestine point. Large Intestine point number one. If you press it, you might find that it’s tender. You don’t need to press it so hard that it really hurts. Just a little press, with the nail of your other thumb, is enough to activate it.

If it’s not tender, well it probably isn’t an issue for you.

Fiona: Okay, maybe Christmas dinner, it might be!

Sarah: Quite so, absolutely

And there are some great acupressure points that you can do to support your body through constipation, and that sort of thing as well. Don’t do those, if you are pregnant. Not an issue personally, but for any listeners out there you don’t want to be bringing the energy downwards when you are pregnant. So that’s a good one to avoid in that instance.

But Lung energy is another meridian whose energy is about grief. That’s on the inside of your arm on the thumb side of the wrist. About a finger width away from the crease in your wrist you’ll find a spot that also might be tender. It’s quite close to the wrist itself.

Fiona: That’s it. Yes, now I can feel a little bit, yep I can feel something there yes.

Sarah: Right, so that’s Lung #8.

Fiona: Lung #8, yes? And that’s where you store any sad energies? Is that what you’re saying?

Sarah: So, Lung and Large Intestine meridians are both connected to the emotion of grief, yes.  They can be great spots, both of these, to help your body support you to let go of that grief energy.

Fiona: Now there we go, we learn something new all the time, don’t we guys? I do love having our guests on the show. Sarah, you’re a wealth of knowledge absolute wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing everything else. Thank you very much also for being a member of Alive nine of five absolutely love it.

Now Sarah’s going to stay and join me in my second half and we’re going to be talking about birthdays. Yes we’ll come back to that very soon. But thank you for this first hour Sarah 

Sarah: You’re very welcome Fiona

Fiona: I really appreciate that so yes so acupuncture, and lots of other things. I really love it you’re a superstar!

So, let’s have a look at what we’ve got coming up. Because we’re on the topic of grief, and how acupuncture and massage can help you, I’m going to play a beautiful single. I think she’s a beautiful singer, she was remarkably good at what she did. Called Amy Winehouse, and I’m going to play “You know I’m no good”. But of course, if you’re out there guys, we know you’re very good!

I just wanted to say thank you Sarah for coming on board to a live 90.5 we’ve loved having you on here.

Sarah:  Thanks Fiona Mary Berry, and thank you Alive 90.5 FM for having me here it’s been a pleasure.

Final Thoughts:

Body tension, aches, and pains can drive you to … (fill in your blank). But there are things that you can do to help release and ease them. Sometimes even before you get to professional care. I hope you have found these tips for reducing the mental and physical pain in your body, helpful.

Please remember that it is always best to have persistent aches properly assessed by a health professional, to ensure that there is no serious cause that needs to be addressed. If you have pain that you want to be cleared out of your life…

Book today and we can do a full assessment, and treatment plan, and help you back to enjoying your life to the full.

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