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Fiona: So guys we’re back here it’s 29 minutes to three on Alive 90.5 on Revitalise and Renu, your health and wellness show.

What we’re going to be talking about, is: Why massage Why is massage so important to each of us? And what does it do?

So we talked earlier about how it helps alleviate some of those emotions that you keep inside you, especially over Christmas We all realize it’s the most stressful time. It really can be.

Although, it cannot be too, I mean you know, you can choose. But most of the time there’s something around Christmas that stresses you out. It could be the shopping, could be meeting with people you don’t want to meet, could be doing all the preparation work and nobody else is helping you. Could be a whole heap of things.

So Sarah, tell me a little bit about what people can do out there. What our community can do for self-care? A great massage?

Sarah: Great question Fiona!

Yes, self-care at this time of the year is really important. To help people as you say, cope with all the challenges that are going on right now even just their only expectations of what they want Christmas to be and the pressure that we put on ourselves in, creating that. So yes self-care is really really valuable and it helps, not only your physical health your immunity, your mindset, and attitude. I know they’re passions of yours as well. And yes, it can just empower all areas of your life. Even your relationships. So that you don’t let things get to you as they might otherwise have done. 

And massage is just one form of self-care. Whether you have it done to you, or you do it for yourself. But you can do things like the Epsom salt baths that we were speaking about a moment ago. You can do things like acupressure points. That’s one that you and I had a quick chat about in the break. 

Fiona: And the next break I’m going to get her to show me some acupressure points. but hold on I’ll tell you about that and the second and the third half.  Keep going. Fabulous!

Sarah: So even simple things like deep breathing just taking a moment to be grateful and having an attitude of gratitude of real appreciation for what you do have in your life. Whether it’s your own two feet that can walk you down the road or a fabulous family around you, surrounding you with love. 

Fiona: I think that’s so important, absolutely. I have a gratitude book, and sometimes I’m very good in writing the Gratitude book, and sometimes I’m not. But even if I don’t write in it, I regularly say “I am the luckiest person out there” and almost all my friends will go yep that’s exactly what she says. I’ll tell my hubby “I’m the luckiest woman! You know I got the jackpot I married you.” I’ll tell my friends I’m so lucky I’ve got you as my friends, because I genuinely believe it’s great to have a group of friends around you. I will go shopping and go I’m the luckiest person out. Someone’s going to move out of a car spot, and you know what, the universe tends to give it to us. It’s just amazing that this expectation of being lucky gives you. 

And some more ideas of self-care? 

Sarah: Things that also will be close to your heart Fiona, exercise. So with exercise, anything that you like to do, is a good thing good form of exercise. So whether that’s walking whether that’s a Tai Chi class or yoga a class whatever that is for you. Anything that gets your body moving is amazingly wonderful to help shift that stuck energy. 

Fiona: In fact the guests I’ve got on next week is I’ve got some are quite aerobic ladies and gentlemen that are going to be invited onto the show just sharing the benefits of water. Water around your body when you’re exercising and that’s a great self-care one. Isn’t it?

Sarah: Absolutely, absolutely!

And the other ones you may have, that I haven’t thought of, if you’ve got pets at home. We’ve got cats. I know you’ve got dogs 

Fiona: Oh absolutely! Therapy they are. 

Sarah: The most gorgeous things and they’re full of love and they give that love to you. So playing with pets, talking to a friend, picking up the telephone, sending an email. Anything like that, It taps into that whole appreciation mode, and helps you to stay in that positive mindset. So those things can be wonderful. If you’re into meditation, or prayer even. These can be fabulous to help bring you back to a centered space 

Fiona: And while we’re talking about that, one of the reasons I got into Tai Chi, was I once went to a lady that did sound bath meditations because it was the one thing that enabled this now 58-year-old, then 57, to be able to understand how to meditate. When you’re constantly on the go, is that you are you? Someone who’s constantly on the go? You may be you’re a business executive, you’re always moving. Maybe you’re a mother. Maybe you just constantly have lots of activity going on and you never stop. And you feel that when people tell you to meditate five, ten minutes I can’t do this? Well I found this sound bath meditation and it was just awesome. Absolutely awesome. So for now guys, I just wanted to say thank you Sarah for coming on board to a live 90.5. We’ve loved having you on here!

Sarah: Thanks Fiona Mary Berry and thank you Alive 90.5 FM for having me here it’s been a pleasure.

Final Thoughts:

Self-care can help you to lift your energy, shift and release aches, and pains. Self-care can be a powerful way to assist our physical healing as well as build our mental and emotional resilience.

If you also want your healing to progress and flow as well as possible. To relieve your pain and build your strength, while balancing and supporting your body’s healing.
So you to feel amazing, vibrant, and full of energy!

If you would like assistance to achieve that… Book today and we can do a full assessment, and treatment plan, and help you back to enjoying your life to the full.

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