Having a Solid Self-Care Routine:

Recently, we have had a number of clients ask us for recommendations for how to get out of pain, reduce stress levels, and boost energy, and be the best version of you, in the year ahead.
Especially at this time of year, when pressure at work can be high; school, work, and social events are numerous; and there is much to organise for family traditions and “the big day” celebrations.

In short, our answer always revolves around a “Solid Self Care Routine”. And the question that usually follows is “And how do I do that?”.

So we created this blog, to help you do exactly that.

1. Exercise

Moving your body, preferably with some cardio and some strength training… but even just moving – walking or stretching, etc. Can assist with circulation, aiding healthy cells and tissues. It gets the metabolism moving, helping with fat mobilisation, insulin sensitivity, hormone regulation, and more. It is good for your mental state and helps you switch off from life pressures, allowing you to manage/reduce your stress.



2. Nutrition

Provides the building blocks for the healthy creation and repair of cells, leading to healthy tissues and well functioning body systems. Without the basic building blocks, can you expect your body to work as you want it to? Nutrition is about balance and moderation, it doesn’t have to be about willpower or denying yourself. When you are nourished correctly, your cravings will reduce, you don’t have to go without! This topic also includes having a balanced, happy, and functioning GUT (from your food entry to your exits) and also about digestion. You are not what you eat… but rather what you absorb. You can eat well, but if you are not digesting well and therefore not absorbing well, you will still become deficient.

3. Mindset

In all areas of our lives, our subconscious mind can dominate our habits and therefore our results. Our mindset practices can allow us to access our subconscious mind, so that we are in charge of our “destiny”. By creating routines and daily practices that support us, we can repeatedly and consciously input positive information to our great computer (our brain), allowing us to build resilience, patience, understanding, clarity, focus, inspiration, and a general sense of gratitude, joy, and wellbeing. Some tools you might like to try, include: meditation; gratitude journals; focusing on finding solutions (instead of brooding on the problem); looking for what went right and/or what we learned from a situation; finding the space between the trigger and our response and learning to create new responses; releasing trauma; and releasing old patterns of behaviour and emotion that do not serve us.

Reset Your Mindset
Refreshing and rejuvenating Infra-Red sauna

4. Connection

When we feel important (if only in a small way), and a part of something bigger – a group working for a common goal, a community, a family… it helps us to continue onward in our lives, filling us with purpose, even joy. We know that the feeling of isolation is a major component in depression. Humans are social beings, we saw that during lockdowns… Not only do we need to talk to people, but we need to be physically around them, and not just around them, but touching. You may have noticed that when you couldn’t hug your best friend, you didn’t feel as secure or as closely connected, or as satisfied with the interaction. A newborn child will not survive if it is removed from all physical touch… it is that important!

5. Rest

As they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Ok, that’s still an odd saying… but we can all picture a workaholic we know – pretty boring to be around, right? Or a stressed out, overwhelmed, always doing, never being, person we know… hard to be comfortable around! It is hard to enjoy life when we live like this. But more importantly, it’s not healthy! Every battery needs to be recharged. Sleep is the time our body heals, detoxifies, and recharges. Without enough, our stress levels rise, our patience and brain power reduces; our hormones go haywire; our fat metabolism reduces; our digestion reduces; insulin resistance builds; inflammation runs rampant; we are likely to be anxious or depressed or overwhelmed and our ability to make decisions and be motivated to do anything… including to eat well reduces. Also, we are likely to crave fatty and sweet foods, eat more calories in general, have low energy and be cranky. While sleep – both quality and quality is always important and the amount of REM, deep and light sleep you get affects different aspects of your health. There are also other ways to add short bursts of much needed rest, relaxation and rejuvenation into your life. Some of these might include spending time in nature; spending time with friends; having a sauna; having a massage; doing a meditation or guided relaxation; or doing a slower style exercise like hatha yoga.

Refreshing and rejuvenating Infra-Red sauna
Support - women exercising together

6. Support

Like with connection, we need to feel that we have the ability to get help when we need it. When we have this support, we can grow, learn and achieve more and faster. Support can be as small as finding the information in a book, lecture, or online. It could be a conversation with a friend or mentor to feel heard and understood and possibly to discuss options. It can be from a teacher or mentor to help guide you on your path, helping you find and travel your unique journey. It can be from a practitioner, to find the right techniques for you to use at home to help get you out of pain or build strength to keep you out of pain. And it could be a physical treatment to help you relax, release trauma or work pressures, or remove blocks to movement and functioning. Support assists you to feel like you can do it. That if challenges come, and they will, that you can find a way through. That you have somewhere safe and trusted to find answers. 

At BlossomingMe, we aim not only to assist your body and mind to release blockages to healing, which allows you to feel better and move with better posture and more easily. But also to assist you in determining which tools and techniques you can use to keep you moving forward between visits, to slowly, over time, build strength, energy, determination, motivation, and your general health and wellbeing. Allowing you to create the You, that you want to be.

So if making 2023, your year to move forwards in becoming the best version of you, and if you know that assistance will help you get there easier and faster
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Blog Author: Alexis Weidland

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