BlossomingMe is a COVID-SAFE Business
This is our COVID-Safe Plan

Plan completed by: Alexis
Approved by: the Directors


You will:

Use hand sanitiser on entry and before leaving

Take your temperature with infra-red thermometer provided

Fill in the declaration that you are well, have not been in contact with any known cases, have not been told to quarantine, are not awaiting results of a covid-test or living with anyone who is in quarantine or awaiting results and that your temperature is within normal limits.

Wear a mask during treatment


Guidance for our workplace and the actions put in place to keep customers and workers safe

Wellbeing of staff and customers:
• Exclude staff, visitors and customers who are unwell. (see further document, on request, but if you have any potential symptoms of coronavirus – get tested and isolate until cleared)
• Provide staff with information and training on COVID-19, see further document, on request. We all have completed the NSW Health infection control training
• Make staff aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate. All contractors, please contact health NSW
• Display conditions of entry for any customers or visitors (website, social media, entry points)
             o Add questions to sms confirmation
             o Ensure clear enough on website
             o Add to FB 

Physical distancing:

• Ensure that we have a maximum of 1 client in the treatment room (can have 1 guardian if required) and 1 client in the reception area at all times
• Use flexible working arrangements where possible, such as working from home, early and late shifts to reduce peak periods.
• Consider a sneeze guard at the from counter (not sure its appropriateness)
• Wipe down all pens, clip boards, HICAPS machine, thermometer, stapler, desks, doorknobs, toilet keys keyboards, stools, treatment tables and sauna surfaces – after each client
• Use telephone or video for any clients who are unable to come for a physical session or if practitioner is self-isolating – as appropriate
• Review regular deliveries and request contactless delivery and invoicing where practical, and wipe down upon receiving, before putting away/selling
• Signage for physical distancing, conditions of entry and precautions we are taking – at Front desk. With a sign-in form at front desk

Record keeping:
• Keep name and mobile number or email address for all staff, visitors and contractors for a period of at least 28 days. Records are only to be used for tracing Contacts
• Sign about COVID safe app in clinic
• All staff have active COVID safe app on phone? COVIDSafe app

Hygiene and cleaning:
• Provide hand sanitiser at reception and in treatment room.
• ViraClean is available to clean workstations and equipment such as monitor, phone, keyboard and mouse, after every client
• Bathrooms are the responsibility of the landlord. We have supplies of toilet paper, soap and sanitiser as required and we sanitise the keys after each use.
• *We have added a poster with instructions on how to wash hands.
• Where possible, staff wash hands with soap and water after each client and after cleaning. Using of 70% alcohol sanitiser for 20 sec is washing is not possible