An Inside Peak into a Local Business

Lifting the Lid on Snives Hives


Andrew Wilson started beekeeping about 4 years ago when his wife bought him an introductory beekeeping course.

“What started as a bit of a hobby grew bit by bit as I noticed that beekeeping seemed to be an industry that had either people with a couple of hives in their backyard, or large scale commercial operations with thousands of hives. I felt that the people at the hobby level were unable to really do a lot for the protection and security of bees as a whole, and the commercial producers were relying on large numbers in order to make their businesses viable, which often led to those beekeepers being unable to provide the necessary care and attention to each of their colonies. I decided that there was space for someone in the middle, operating for the protection and preservation of the bee population within Australia through rescuing and re-homing hives that would otherwise be exterminated. With this in mind, I started Sydney Bee Rescue to spread the word that there was an alternative to pest control companies. All of my honey is produced through my rescue hives in St Ives (under the Snives Hives label) and my apiaries in the central coast state forests and other hives throughout suburban Sydney (under the Sydney Bee Rescue label). The number of hives that I have only grows with the number of rescued beehives, which means that saving the bees is still the priority.”

What I like about Andrew is that he is an advocate for Bees, he is authentic, careful and he loves to share his hives with his customers. If you or your little one want to walk around and see the Hives you are getting your honey from and what happens to it. Andrew can show you.

“My honey is pure and raw. It is cold processed to maintain the antimicrobial and nutritional properties of the honey. I don’t use any plastic in my hives, the bees prefer dealing with natural materials, so that is what they get.”

If you wanted to know a bit about Andrew,  he works as an international airline pilot on the Boeing 747. Beekeeping is his hobby. He has a Masters of Science and Technology (UNSW) and is completing a Master Beekeeper accreditation at Cornell University in New York.

People wishing to purchase honey should contact me directly:

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