In our last blog article, we discussed the various changes your body undergoes during pregnancy and
how an Osteopath can support you through this exciting period.
In this article, we look at post natal care and recovery following the birth of your baby.

Changes that take place after childbirth
The rapid changes that occur after childbirth include the sudden loss of significant weight and the
resulting movement in the organs, muscles and joints.
Hormonal changes include falling levels of progesterone and estrogen, which can cause noticeable
physical and emotional issues.
In addition, the suddenly now excess (pregnancy induced) blood supply, as well as the changes in the
breasts to allow for breastfeeding, can all cause varied and sudden changes in the mother’s body.

Osteopathy as part of your recovery plan
Post-partum, the focus is twofold: the health of the baby and support for the mother.
For the baby, it’s important to ensure the baby is thriving and developing comfortably, addressing any challenges with suckling, bonding and reflux.
For the mother, providing support and guidance to help you function comfortably is of great importance, along with assistance with feeding and the lack of sleep that may occur.
Your Osteopath can provide you with exercises to assist in the strengthening and support of your pelvic floor and lower back to reduce the risk of incontinence and lower back pain.
They can also assist with ways to improve posture and muscle tension during feeding to reduce the risk of upper back, neck and shoulder pain, and assist with correct baby attachment and suckling.
Techniques can also be applied to assist with improving your lymphatic drainage to minimise the risk of mastitis.
In addition, treatment and exercises may help you to minimise general body stresses so that you can
better cope with the stress of motherhood and the interrupted sleep and fatigue that is likely to incur.

Guiding you along your wellbeing journey
At BlossomingMe, our experienced Osteopaths can support you on your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing during pregnancy and following childbirth.
We’ll work with you to discover what’s important to you and then create a personalised plan to help you achieve results.
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