What does health and lifestyle coaching involve?
Health and lifestyle coaching is all about helping busy people stay on track with their health. It’s about understanding what habits you have today that support your health goals and which ones are preventing you from looking, feeling and functioning at your best.
Many tools and techniques can be employed (such as visualisation) to support these changes in belief and fast track and support the attainment and maintenance of your health and life goals.
Through the use of a variety of tools and techniques such as visualisation and hypnosis, you can gain a new perspective and belief about yourself and the world around you. This fast tracks the attainment of your health and life goals, and supports you to maintain them.
You may like to join us for some simple workshops around managing energy and stress levels or some quick and easy nutritional cooking workshops. Or you may prefer a more personal strategy with one-to-one sessions to learn more and tap into resources that can make a real difference for you.
What is Reiki and how can it benefit me?
Reiki is a Japanese technique that focuses on energy healing through the use of the Practitioner’s hands. It’s very calming and relaxing, and you may feel a sense of tingling or warmth around the area that your Practitioner is placing their hands.
At BlossomingMe, Reiki is often used together with Acupressure, activating the acupressure points with the Reiki energy. This enables a simple, deep and profound sense of healing.
Reiki may be especially effective for nerve damage healing after surgery.