During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes, some visible, many not. These changes impact every part of the female body.
From back and joint pain through to high blood pressure and fatigue, pregnancy can bring with it a myriad of discomforts.
But what causes this to happen and what can you do to better support your body through this exciting (and sometimes challenging) time?
Accommodating new life
As soon as the foetus begins growing, the uterus and abdomen start to increase in size to accommodate.
This results in the displacement of internal organs and an altered centre of gravity, putting extra pressure on the back, ribs and lungs, as well as the abdominal and pelvic organs.
There is also a much larger requirement for nutrients and blood supply during pregnancy, leading to more effort from the cardiovascular system to oxygenate and pump the extra blood around.
Such an increase in load on the body in a relatively short space of time can lead to issues such as back and joint pain, shortness of breath, swelling (especially in the legs), high blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia.
Osteopathy for a healthy pregnancy
Cranial Osteopathy is believed to be a gentle and effective form of treatment able to reduce pain and discomfort, increase mobility and aid the body’s physiology in order for the mother and foetus to achieve optimal wellness.
Our Osteopathic approach aims to remove physical blockages, improve circulation and nerve conduction, assist with removing any emotional blockages, and provide a realistic exercise and nutrition plan along with ongoing advice and guidance.
An Osteopath can also help you with specific pelvic floor exercises that can maximise support for your pelvic organs and their function through the entire pregnancy, the birthing process and the recovery.
Further, an Osteopath may also be able to assist in the likelihood of a natural delivery of your baby by helping your mind and body to be both strong, relaxed and confident.
By helping you deal with the emotional stresses of pregnancy and the impending delivery, your body will be more likely to naturally go with the birthing process, reducing the risk of an extended labour, pain and complications.
Guiding you along your wellbeing journey
At BlossomingMe, our experienced Osteopaths can support you on your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and beyond.
We work with you to discover what’s important to you and then create a personalised plan to help you achieve the results you want.
Want a personalised strategic plan and support process, to get you feeling calm and confident?
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