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Can you relate to this? You are “the woman of the house”- you might be a busy working woman, a working mother, a new mother or a mother with multiple kids and/or steps kids.  You run the household,organise everything and everyone from the little kids to that big kid: worker, carer, homemaker confidant and motivator …….giver!
Our society encourages giving to others, and women often get caught up with focusing on everyone else, and forgetting about themselves. Whether in business, parenting or relationships, focusing on others and ignoring what we need ourselves.
When we nurture and nourish ourselves, we can better tap into our inner resources that help us deal with the challenges life throws our way. And on returning to the task at hand, often find we have the energy to accomplish things faster, more efficiently and productively.
As we begin to recognise our own uniqueness and importance – allowing ourselves the time needed to be nurtured & nourished – our light begins to shine & we inspire others all around us. Nurturing ourselves is the food our heart and soul needs so that we can continue to walk towards our purpose.
Spring is a time for new beginnings and a great time to remind ourselves of the importance of noticing, nourishing and nurturing ourselves to renew.  At this time of year, you might think of a spring clean for the house, have you thought about spring cleaning yourself, nourishing and nurturing to rejuvenate yourself?
When taking responsibility for ourselves we find our heart, a lighter attitude and we find ourselves in a happier place and a beacon for others.
So take that special moment to tear yourself away from the routines of life, take a few deep breaths and choose your way to nurture yourself this week, inside and out.
Nurture the nurturer by Alexis Weidland

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