Happy Father’s Day

Its time to turn up the heat and do something special this year for the Dad in your life!

Father’s day is an extra busy time for Mothers!

  • You’ve got to pull everyone together
  • You are often helping to organise gifts
  • Next is the planning (and maybe cooking) the meal

All of this to make sure HIS special day goes smoothly. Even more than usual you have more on your plate and can feel the stress of making sure all goes right and everyone is happy!

Well, ladies, it may be Father’s Day… But we understand the stress and have you covered.

At BlossomingMe, we know how special the men in your life are, and this 1st of September we have a special treat in store for them and you.

As we are heading into spring, why not shake off those winter chills with a nice Infrared Sauna treat?

Father’s day is an extra busy time for mothers!
We spend time getting everyone together, sometimes not just from different ends of the city, but the world.
We help choose and organise gifts and a scrumptious meal. Doing the groundwork, to make HIS day special. Even more than usual!
So at BlossomingMe we want to honour and nourish the nurturer, whilst still helping you spoil the men you love.
Relax and rejuvenate in our Infra-red sauna. Proven to get the blood moving, helping your circulation and to lower your overall stress levels. Infra-red saunas are an excellent method to improve or even remove various ailments. By enhancing blood circulation in your whole body and releasing endorphins, supporting a state of wellbeing.
One of our highly skilled practitioners will follow up your session with a treatment of your choice. Select either a
nurturing massage or a pain and tension releasing osteopathic treatment.
Relaxing and rejuvenating you. Nurturing you in your journey to wellbeing, so you can 
Be More, Give More and Have More, in your life.
What A GREAT GIFT for the Fathers in your life, on this special day when we celebrate and thank them for all they do for us.

Our Special For YOU:

Melt away the stress of creating your fabulous family Father’s Day
– A perfect gift for him and the pick me up you need –
An Infra-Red Sauna and Treatment for you and
Chocolates and Treatment for him
Valued over $284
Limited-Time Special:
(Spots are limited, so call us TODAY to book your sessions!)
(02 8005 7332)

Spoil him on Father’s Day, then replenish yourself with our limited-time special.

To Be More and Give More, you need to Relax and Rejuvenate. It’s time to take care of yourself, so book your appointment today.