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Because we are our most powerful selves, when our mind, body, emotions and spirit are aligned with our purpose”

Sarah Gowans, remedial massage therapist, coach and business owner

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Transitioning from one phase of life to another can be challenging. Just as much as moving house or relationship changes. In fact it can even include changes in these area of our lives. And this often leads to a sense of overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a massive issue, affecting many people, across a varitey of life’s challenges. I see many get so lost in it, they can’t find their way out. And most don’t even realise there is anything they can do about it.

They lose sleep over it, suffer headaches, body pains, digestive discomforts and get sick much more frequently. They can get frustrated, irritated, and angry. But most commonly, they are unable to focus or concentrate and can be completely exhausted.

Maybe you can relate to some of these symptoms?

With this course, you’ll learn how to:

Crush Overwhelm

By focusing clearly on your desired outcomes, intentions, and results, for each area of your life, your attention and energy will naturally be focused on where it is most effective. Reducing your mental clutter and overwhelm.

Boost Your Attitude and Confidence

By using your body to change your attitude and even your mood, enables you to feel more in charge of yourself and your life, power through your day.

When your goals and action steps are fueled from within, by your clear, authentic vision for specific areas of your life, taking action becomes a natural extension of this vision, and increased confidence and belief in yourself is the outcome.

Increase Your Energy

As your clarity focuses your actions, you spend less time and energy on things that don’t matter as much, and you are naturally drawn to activities that can greatly impact your desired outcomes. Seeing the results you create, owning them and feeling inspired by them, builds an uplifting cycle. Raising your energy higher and higher.

Maximise Your Productivity

When your goals come from clear, specific outcomes that you are striving towards, your action steps feel inspired from within. Lifting your energy and boosting your confidence. Increased productivity is simply the natural result.

Hi, I’m Sarah Gowans, massage therapist, step-mum and business owner. I love helping busy women to keep themselves and their families healthy. Using smart, simple strategies to stay focused on being their “best self”. To be the partner, parent, daughter and career woman, they are proud to be.

The Productivity Code is a passion project I’ve been working on for a while now… and I’m more than excited that it is finally here, and I can help busy people, just like you, to build the life, not just of their dreams, but that they truly want and feel that they own. 

I have immersed myself in personal development for over three decades. It has been the ONE consistent thing that has helped me, in becoming the person that I want to be and build the life results that I have been dreaming for so long. 

In my previous life, as a preschool teacher, I used to watch those little beings engage, and play and learn and grow. The more joy and freedom they had, the faster and more easily they learned and encompassed those new concepts. And also the more ownership they took of it. One of my core beliefs is that “attitude is everything”, and because I see adults as really, just bigger children, I still love to use creativity and fun. 

Having also been a dedicated transformational massage therapist for nearly 20 years, I am fascinated by, and passionate about the connectedness of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs; with your physical body. And so I use this understanding to empower you to tap into the wisdom of your own mind and body, and explore these tools and practices, in your own life, to boost your energy and productivity.

By getting to the core, of who we are and who we want to be, in each of the different roles we play in our lives, we can be inspired and energised. By having a clear vision of our desired outcomes for each role, our choices and decisions, unconsciously and almost effortlessly become more in line with the results and outcomes we want to create.

With some simple mindfulness strategies and healthful habits, you can transform your life. So you can be the clear, confident, energised, passionate, and productive You, with your most important people. Growing inspiring, authentic, satisfying, relationships, both personally and in business.

In short, you can become this person you are so proud of, that you know you can be. So that you can:

Be More * Give More * Have More

Sarah xx

The confidence, energy, and productivity that comes from within, when your mind, body, emotions, and spirit are aligned with your clear purpose, are only a click away …