My Simple, Quick & Effective HIIT Exercise Guide

For busy, housebound mums.

  No equipment! Do at home, around or with the kids

This is the exact routine that I used to support my strength, cardio fitness and body shape AND boost my ENERGY, in just 10 to 20 minutes a day. (start shorter and go longer as wanted)

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“A few simple actions, applied daily, is all we need to transform our health, fitness, energy and LIFE”

Alexis Weidland, mother, osteopath and and business owner

With this free e-guide, I’ll show you:

My favourite 10 minute workout 

Who has time to spend hours at the gym a few times a week? By stimulating your system daily, in a safe and effective way, you can get results in just minutes a day.

no gyms and no equipment is nesessary

Especially during this time, while we cannot go to the gym, we need ways to use what we have at home. Using just your body weight makes exercises simple and able to be done anywhere, anytime!

Tone your body 

By working is short bursts that don’t over strain your body, taking daily action and by using your body weight, your muscles strengthen and reshape, so that you feel strong and toned and look fabulous.

boost your energy

This simple routine helps to boost your respiratory and cardiovascular fitness plus it supports the health of each of your cells powerhouses… the mitochondria. So prepare to notice better energy and vitality. 

Hi, I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath, mother and best selling author of “Healthy Detox – Cleanse Your Life In Just 10 Days”, and I help busy mothers to simplify their health so that they can be their best-self. To be the mother, partner, daughter and career woman that they can be proud of.

If we don’t have our health, it is hard to be a part of and enjoy anything that we do have. We can often feel that spending time on ourselves is selfish, but in truth, there is only for so long that we can live a productive, proud and happy life if we don’t.

As the airlines tell us, we need to put our own oxygen mask on first! What use are we to our children, our family, our collages and friends if we haven’t the energy to participate, to help or to be the person they need us to be, the person we were born to be?

By simplifying your health strategy and creating a few highly effective healthful habits, you can transform your life. So you can be confident, energised, passionate and present with your most important people and grow satisfying, healthy and win-win based relationships in life and in business. In short, you can become the person you know you can be and live your best life. So you can

Be More * Give More * Have More

Here’s to Your Health!

x Alexis


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