My Simple, 11 Step Guide to Setting Up YOUR Home Office

Moving from an office to working from home can be tough, having the right workspace setup can make all the difference!


A simple way to support your productivity and clarity as well as ensure you avoid those bodily aches and pains

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“Being proactive about your health is much easier and cheaper than dealing with the painful consequences of not putting your body first”

Alexis Weidland, mother, osteopath and and business owner

Working from home, while isolated from others or stuck in a fish bowl with your family, day in and day out is a difficult thing to juggle! Many of us were suddenly and without warning thrust into a new way of working and our homes (and minds) were not prepared. The simple act of setting up a home workspace that not only makes you feel like you are indeed in a space meant for working but also positions your body effectively, allows you to be more productive. Further, it supports your memory, clarity and concentration and, removes pressure from your back, hips, neck and wrists reducing the risk of injury, strain and pain. So you can stay comfortable, confident and productive while navigating this new way of being. 

With this free e-guide, I’ll show you how to:

boost concentration

By ensuring that you have correct posture, you optimise circulation and oxygenation. This optimises your brain’s ability to function, supporting memory, clarity and concentration.

optimise productivity

When your workspace anchors your intention to focus and work, your posture supports brain function and your body is comfortable and supported, increased productivity is the outcome.

avoid repetitive strain injuries

By positioning the neck and shoulders correctly ans optimising wrist and elbow position, strains and over use injuries can be avoided.

avoid headaches, neck and back pain

Avoiding imbalances of pressure through your head, neck, back and pelvis allows your body to function correctly, reducing muscle and nerve irritaiton.

Hi, I’m Alexis Weidland, osteopath, mother and best selling author of “Healthy Detox – Cleanse Your Life In Just 10 Days”, and I help busy mothers to simplify their health so that they can be their best-self. To be the mother, partner, daughter and career woman that they can be proud of.

If we don’t have our health, it is hard to be a part of and enjoy anything that we do have. We can often feel that spending time on ourselves is selfish, but in truth, there is only for so long that we can live a productive, proud and happy life if we don’t.

As the airlines tell us, we need to put our own oxygen mask on first! What use are we to our children, our family, our collages and friends if we haven’t the energy to participate, to help or to be the person they need us to be, the person we were born to be?

By simplifying your health strategy and creating a few highly effective healthful habits, you can transform your life. So you can be confident, energised, passionate and present with your most important people and grow satisfying, healthy and win-win based relationships in life and in business. In short, you can become the person you know you can be and live your best life. So you can

Be More * Give More * Have More

Here’s to Your Health!

x Alexis


The confidence that comes with a home workspace that feels like a place of work and the comfort of a well supported body are only a click away …