A healthier workforce is more motivated and productive

There is a direct link between employee wellbeing, their performance, and your bottom line. National Manager at Safesearch, Danni Hocking, calculates the actual, annual cost to Australian employers, who have poor employee health and high absenteeism exceeds $34bn (Growing trends in corporate health and wellbeing programs in Australia, 2015).

Research shows that a healthier workforce is more motivated and productive. Individuals are likely to be more self-aware, engaged, empowered, innovative and accountable. Increasing the motivation, creativity, critical thinking, communication and cooperation, of your business culture; reducing costs & stress levels.

Costs connected to “unhealthy employees” and workplace environments, can be massive. In 2010, Price Waterhouse Coopers reported that the cost of absenteeism to the Australian economy was $7 billion a year and Medibank Private Ltd (The Cost of Workplace Stress, 2008) estimated that on average, these workers take 9 days more sick leave compared to healthy employees. National Manager, Safesearch, Danni Hocking (2015) calculates the current cost to Australian employers, with workflow interrupted by the increased number of injuries, lost time, absenteeism and reduced effectiveness as well as increased insurance premiums. Impacting profit and productivity targets is likely to exceed $34bn. So the importance of investing in “human capital”, in today’s business world, is paramount.

The survey of Australian organisations, conducted by Bupa in 2015, found that employers are more and more, seeing benefits in optimising the physical, psychological and social health of their employees. Making the value of implementing good health and wellbeing solutions and support, not just a nice idea, but a solid business strategy.

Typically, we spend one-third of our life at work. By tapping into the existing resource of personal and professional relationships built here, we can positively influence and enhance the behaviours of employees and help them adopt healthier habits and attract and retain talent, promote engagement, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.


Benefits of Workplace Health and Wellness Workshops and Individual Follow Up Sessions:

To the company will benefit financially due to:

  • Reduced absenteeism – enhances staff engagement and reduces the costs of staff replacement.
  • Reduced staff turnover – therefore lower training and recruitment costs.
  • Improved performance, cohesiveness and productivity – so you get the best from your staff.
  • Becoming an employer of choice, which means you’ll attract and retain the best staff.

To the Individual:

  • Reduced exposure to health and safety risks
  • Reduced stress-related issues, and therefore chronic stress (which can adversely affect their physical and mental health, potentially increasing the risk of heart disease, digestive problems,and obesity)
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Increased resilience, both physical and emotional
  • Better focus and longer concentration
  • Higher productivity
  • Better, more effective and efficient decision making
  • Clearer and more effective communication
  • Individual feels appreciated and valued by the company
  • Fosters a community feeling in the workplace
  • Increased employee trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Improved workplace morale
  • Higher activity alignment to business priorities and goals
Workplace wellness workshops support these outcomes of physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees as well as financial benefits to companies. According to Corporate Work Health Australia, “when health & wellness is managed well, organisational performance increases more than 2.5 times.”

At BlossomingMe, we offer a range of workplace wellness workshops and individual sessions are designed to educate, empower and inspire. Your staff will gain insight and clarity of their own health goals, and leave feeling ready to create positive healthful habits that will both sustain their wellbeing, and are easily incorporated into their already busy lifestyle. The workshops are all founded on our central belief, that the body has a unique ability to heal itself, if our basic lifestyle incorporates a daily routine of nourishing food, simple movement, good sleep and positive mindset.

Our Health and Wellness, workshops are specifically designed for businesses and employers, invested in enhancing their employee value proposition.

We partner with you to create tailored, strategic health and wellbeing workshops and individual follow up sessions, that reflect both the specific needs of your people and your organisational goals.

Your employees are your most valued asset. To maintain your status as an employer of choice, invest in their wellbeing!

So how strategically aligned is your health and wellbeing program with your HR and Safety policy and business goals?

Here are just some of the ideas that our best wellness programs will cover:

  • Be more energised, engaged and productive in just 10 mins a day.
    Stress Management & Mindfulness – practical techniques to reduce stress.
  • Nutrition Seminars – understand simple nutrition and how it impacts your energy through the day, and create your own energising nutritional program.
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations – prepare quick & easy, tasty, nourishing meals.
  • Workplace Ergonomic Assessments & Training – to help reduce injuries and increase productivity.

Become an employer of choice and attract better, happier and more productive employees.