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Are you struggling at home? Feeling alone, and disconnected? Depressed? Or crowded with everyone at home and slowly going insane?

In this challenging period of social distancing, “Positive Pyjama Chats” is a FREE, on-line Nurturing Community, focused on helping You and your family to stay Sane, Happy and Healthy at Home.

Join us on the First Wednesday morning of the month, at 9.30am (Aust EDT – GMT+10) in the comfort of your own home.

Inside our Positive Pyjama Chats You’ll Find:

  • Connection and Community, as we all come together to positively support and nurture through this challenging period of social or physical distancing.
  • Simple, everyday ideas to step through your fear or anxiety, into sanity. Putting you back in charge, so you can find your own inner calm, for yourself and your family,

So all of us can all stay sane, happy and healthy at home!

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This month we are Chatting about the Reality Gap!

We chat about the tough times when the Reality Gap feels massive, and our ability to focus on things that we actually do have power over feels much more challenging than usual.
In the Chat, we look at what we can do to re-center ourselves and regain our happiness when we get slapped in the face by Reality.

Listen to the tips at the beginning or link into the Positive Pyjama Chat Community and get access to the whole Chat, where you’ll discover hints from your Positive Pyjama friends as well.

Tap into this Chat to help you be your happiest, healthiest self.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Chat, live!

What are you looking with Fear or Abundance?
Find out why:
– Why Shoulder Pain is so common?
– Why can it take so long to heal?
– What exercises we can do for ourselves, at home, to support shoulders?
In this Chat, we discuss how we can utilise our attitude and focus, to save time and energy, to create even better outcomes! Keeping our sanity whilst we are stuck at home and limited in our interactions with others.
Our “big rocks” are our highest priorities, our strongest values. But what makes them our strongest values in life? How do they become the corner-stones of how we see our world and what makes us, us? How do we recognise what our values truly are? And how do we ensure we are prioritising our time accordingly?

Today we are focused not only on our ability to respond but the timing and priorities for our responses. Making sure we have our highest priorities, our “big rocks” met, and sorted, so that we can keep our sanity and stay happy and healthy at home.

Today we are focused on our ability to respond, to events that life throughs at us. As well as creating meaning in our lives, in our relationships and activities, we are involved in, to keep our sanity and stay happy and healthy at home.
Have you ever wondered:
What type of meditation is best for me?
Can I meditate in the train when it’s so noisy?

Did you know that 50-75% of people aged 18 to 65 have had a headache in the last 12 months?!
Up to 4% of people around the world suffer headaches for 15 days out of EVERY month!

Are you one?

Find out:
– Why are Headaches so common?
– When should I see a professional therapist and How can they help me?
– What can we do for ourselves, at home, to support, reduce and minimise headache pain?

People in our lives can support us and positively impact our lives.
Which people are you surrounding yourself with and how is that impacting you?
Have you ever tried to set goals and just felt overwhelmed or pressured, rather than inspired?
That’s why I’ve created this talk, on focusing on outcomes we want to create, for different roles that we play in our lives. To broaden our perspective, stay focused in the now so that we can remain present and grateful for what we already have, rather than falling into the trap of always wanting more and not having or being enough already.
Find out
1. What persistent pain actually is
2. In what ways the level of pain that we fee is connected to our frame of mind
3. Is there a difference between the sensation of pain and our perception of it?
4. How can that help us to remain in charge of our emotions and relieving our pain?
5. In what ways can Lifestyle factors contribute to relieving our pain?
6. How can Biopsychosocial (Biological, Psychological and Social) factors impact the level of pain we feel?
7. How important is staying positive and happy, in relieving our pain?
8. What can people do at home, for themselves, to help relieve their pain?
The space between two activities can provide a fabulous opportunity to create mental separation between the two. For example, between a stressful day at the office and coming home to your children and being able to focus on them, be truly present, full of energy and really enjoy the experience together. Today we look at some powerful ways to Transition between one activity and the next.
Today we are focused on Mindset and what activities we can do, to keep our sanity and stay happy and healthy at home.
– meditation
– gratitude
– forgiveness
– movement and exercise
– posture