From remedial to relaxing, with an eastern influence, massage can help you recharge, relax and take control of your life


Lifestyle and Health Coaching will help you begin a daily lifestyle of positive decisions and actions that will change your life forever.


Osteopathy may assist your body to find anequilibrium. Supporting improved posture, balancing of muscles, improving joint movement and strength and allow your innate healing and general body functioning to be maximised. s to take over.

Welcome to the beginning of your Wellbeing Journey.

Are you feeling run down, tired, stressed and or overwrought? Do you have headaches, neck aches or back aches?
The habitual postures and repetitive movements of our busy lives inflict undue stress on our mind and body,
causing pain and limiting our range of motion.
At BlossomingMe, our specialised remedial Masseur and Osteopath offer a fully integrated approach which assesses and addresses the specific issues in your body.
We will customise treatments specifically to assist your body and mind at the same time.

What our happy customers say:

As a full-time yoga practitioner, I have found Alexis’ treatment a natural and non-invasive way of healing both physical and emotional ailments…

Taryn, Sydney

Do you feel, like your work/family life balance hangs in the air and you just don't feel energized enough to carry on?

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